A Kingslayer is you! And some thoughts on raiding.


Yup, this is what a 25 man LK kill looks like (kids, don’t take screenshots before the mob is actually dead — what I did here is wrong).

It is harder to describe what it feels like. We were screaming on voice chat. Screaming the way we hadn’t been all expansion. Because this isn’t just an unusually awkward raid boss at the end of the patch du jour, for my raid group it represents the end of a long journey which we’ve taken together. And there have been up times, and there have been down times. People have left and people have joined. I’m sure there have been times when the raid leaders wanted to throw in the towel from sheer frustration.

Although we all talked confidently about killing the Lich King someday, at the start of Wrath we were scarred from our experiences in the previous expansion. In TBC our alliance was very newbie friendly, we took on lots of new raiders and taught them to clear Karazhan and Gruul. We never made heavy inroads into Serpentshrine Cavern, people tended to leave to join more hardcore raid guilds if they were keen. It’s what I did also, when I wanted to see Zul Aman and the Black Temple.

So it seems fitting to put that in context. I’d seen more hardcore guilds and decided that wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t know how the tanking would work out, or if we would see Arthas die. But like all the other members of our raid, I wanted to try and make it work.

Wrath has been our expansion. The one where the raid game was aimed primarily at raids like mine. No matter how much more hardcore players try to seize control of the narrative and tell us that only the hard modes really count, I think that’s a decision that each player has to make for themselves. Gevlon has a great post up today where he’s looking at  how players decide to define what it means to win.

[Sirlin says] “A scrub is a player who is handicapped by self-imposed rules that the game knows nothing about.”. Very accurate and very true. But why would anyone do that and how to fix them? “the scrub labels a wide variety of tactics and situations cheap.

In this context, I think self imposed rules such as  ‘I want to raid with my mates’, ‘I want to only raid one/two nights a week’, and/or ‘I want to be part of an established community’ definitely fall in this category. But it’s not cheap, nor does it make a player a scrub. One of the beauties of MMOs is that there is plenty of space for lots of different self imposed rulesets. All you need is a group or leaders that agree with the ones you have picked. And no harm is done to anyone who plays differently, they can just go play with a different group.

So yes, there was a 30% damage/healing/stamina buff in ICC yesterday and although the LK is mostly an execution fight, it definitely helped. But for what it’s worth, last night’s kill feels GREAT.

We played by our self imposed rule and got our self defined victory. So that’s a win. Hard modes await, and we’re not expecting to get the LK hard mode kill. Most of us probably aren’t even interested in that. It’s more about completing Shadowmourne for our raid’s chosen wielder and chilling out with friends until the next expansion.

We were actually the 5th horde side raid to get him. This says more about how few 25 man guilds actually made it to this point in the expansion than it does about our raid alliance, but maybe keeping a casual light-schedule raid together and focussed for this long is an achievement in itself. I know the players who joined us after their more hardcore raids split up said they got a buzz from the kill too.

I wish there were achievements for raid leaders. Because ours deserve them every bit as much as any hardcore raid leader ever did, if not more. For now, the screams of excitement over TS may have to be enough.

We’ve come a long way, baby


If you look back through this blog, you’ll see one of the first entries was me explaining how nervous I felt about being tapped to main tank in Naxxramas at the start of Wrath.

And even before that, like many other players I first encountered Tirion Fording (key NPC in this storyline) back in the Plaguelands, all those years ago. He’s actually one of the big WoW NPCs who was entirely introduced in the MMO and not previously.

Yup, we’ve come a long way baby.


ps. this is the shot from after he actually died, with the achievements at the bottom of the screen and everything to prove it.

pps. naturally he didn’t drop a tanking weapon.

22 thoughts on “A Kingslayer is you! And some thoughts on raiding.

  1. Squee! And I mean it! Huge grats! It gave me goose skin just to read about it. You’ve certainy come a long way and you deserve to celebrate with pride.

    “I wish there were achievements for raid leaders”.

    /sign on that


  2. Big grats! We’re currently working on Sindragosa, we almost have her, so I am hoping to experience an LK kill within the next month.

    For all the flaws I find with Wrath, accessibility of raids is not amongst them. For guilds like mine and alliances like yours it really works.

  3. Big grtz, im sitting here writing it with goose spoons. We as well close to making our own kill. Cant wait, it have been build up for so long.
    LK is to me the end boss of this game.

    Cataclysm sure have some building up to do story and lore wise to make the Deathwing kill be memorable as well.
    But Blizzard tend to be able to do just that, so lets see… 🙂

  4. Congratulations!

    We were going to try LK again last night after finally getting our raid team a bit more stabilized, but after some terrible execution on Sindragosa, our raid leader, wisely, called it a night. On the plus side, Sindragosa did drop the last shard, so “Get someone Shadowmourne” is checked off the list, which is pretty awesome.

    I do have one question, do you think you will ever attempt another kill?

    • Yup, I know we will be killing him again. We’ll gun for that at least until everyone who hasn’t been in on a kill has gotten their achievement, I am sure.

      Sure, we’ll be weaving in some hard modes as well so it may not be a full clear every week.

  5. Spinks:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to completing this myself, but extreme case of apathy has struck our guild. We’re 11/12 and can’t even field a full guild 10 on saved Sindy! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to fathom why people put so much effort to get to end-game and then just say, meh, screw it. I know for me, and it sounds like for you, too, that it will be just as important knowing that I stuck it out through the lean times with friends to make the goal a reality.

    Gratz, again!


  6. Grats, Spinks! Way to go! We didn’t raid last week (too many people on vacation, including me), so I’m hoping to join the growing ranks of Kingslayers on Monday.

  7. Grats.

    My first LK-kill was like: Hey-everyone-quite-please-I-want-to-listen-to-the-dialog-and-I-want-to-watch-the-video-aaaaaaaah-now-give-me-a-cigarette xD

    It still gives me the chills every time because there is so much lore involved.

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