So what do we actually know about SWTOR?

With great thanks to the hard working posters on the Bioware forums, here is a link to a long and exhaustive list of what has currently been announced about the game, its locations, gameplay, and classes.

This includes:

  • Planets
  • Classes
  • Playable Species
  • General Class Information
  • Gameplay: General
  • Gameplay: Combat
  • Gameplay: Story
  • NPCs and Lore
  • Companions
  • Graphics/ Music/ Sound
  • Space and Transport
  • UI
  • Loot and Gear

… and lots more. As ever, bear in mind that this game isn’t yet in beta testing (edited to add: My bad, it is in closed beta. Thanks @belghast and @modernmisuser  for the correction via twitter) so a lot of this information could change and some of it might be wish-lists by developers which won’t be in the final version.

3 thoughts on “So what do we actually know about SWTOR?

  1. i’m interested on how the space combat will work; i remember there was a ps2 game (obviously) a long time ago that incorporated flying a spaceship but then docking on other ships and then going into a fps style.

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