The Alliance can’t wait to welcome their new worgen allies

robsworgenss (thanks to mothtwiceborn for the screenshot)

“Worgen. Blasted, light-forsaken, filth-ridden worgen.

It’s time we showed the locals what us civilised folk do with beasts like them.”

I am intrigued as to whether these Northrend quests will be tweaked once worgen become an alliance race in Cataclysm ….


22 thoughts on “The Alliance can’t wait to welcome their new worgen allies

  1. I’m actually wondering about intra-Alliance relations, the beta videos I’ve seen so far don’t show much about it. Night elves have embraced the Worgen, but that’s pretty much about it.
    Conversely, Horde is at each others’ throats: Vol’jin threatened to secede and assassinate Garrosh until Thrall talked him out of it, Garrosh hasn’t forgiven the Forsaken for the Wrath Gate and Blood Elves were hated even in TBC.

  2. Same can be said about the forsaken – only the apothecary went nuts and they’ve been banished from the forsaken and the horde. the new alliance worgen are probably “good” worgen, holed up in gilneas and horribly transfigured, but still fundamentally good.

    there are bad broken and good broken, scarlet crusaders and stormwind, leper gnomes etc. even the ethereal traders in BC had their unsavoury elements. Ebon Blade etc etc.

    just like the playable forsaken are called “the forsaken” and differ from the scourge/undead only in name, so will the playable “gilneas worgen.” Some quest or lore snippet will explain it all closer to the date!

    Real world example: Korea’s regimes fall in to two categories – South (“Good”) and North (“Bad”). That’s how I see it.

    • I also remember this leading to an amusing situation in Howling Fjord where I rolled up to the Taunka village and was told how great it was that the horde were helping us fight off those nasty undead. And I was like, “I am one of those nasty undead, but you’re a stupid cow so I forgive you … for now.”

    • The same can’t be said about the Forsaken — pretty much every CAN’T be character undead has participated in the Apothecary quests over the years, starting with the experiments openly conducted in Brill.

      It’s pretty implausible that Sylvanas was completely unaware of what was happening in plain view of her deathguards. She either approved of it or has no control over her own people. Either way, the rest of the Horde are right to be wary of the Forsaken.

      • The forsaken are interesting because aside from Wrathgate, they’ve actually been very stalwart allies for the horde. Whatever their flaws, they add something which the horde otherwise lacked, a certain devious pragmatism.

        What we’ve yet to really see is how being in the horde has influenced them too.

  3. Worgen were summoned from another dimension to Azeroth by Velinde Starsong through the use of the Scythe of Elune. She used them to cleanse Felwood of its daemons. It happend what always happens when summoning vast powers of another dimoension. She lost control of them and they run rampart. Then, the Scythe of Elune was dislocated to Duskwood. That’s why you have Worgen in Duskwood, Felwood and Ashenvale.

    Arugal summoned another army of worgen to fight the undead who destroyed Dalaran. After he lost power over them he moved with them to SFK. That’s why you have Worgen in SFK.

    These are the evil Worgen.

    Now it looks like Worgen can infect you and you’ll turn into a Worgen, too. The people of Gilneas were turned into Worgen but they found a way to control the curse (but not to heal themself).

    These are the good Worgen.

    It’s more or less exactly the same story as the Undead/Forsaken.

  4. I wondered the same exact thing on rainbow mmo a fee months back. It’ll still be interesting because you’ll have these worgen PC’s running through the Wrath content and that quest line specifically wont make any sense for them. Which leada me to believe they did not do long-term planning concerning the races, but it’s no big deal. An inconsistency here or there isn’t going to ruin anything, imo.

  5. He only dislikes the flith-ridden, Light-forsaken ones. He even says that. Why must you twist his words against him? Poor guy, now he’s going to end up in a bad youtube clip.

  6. I’m going to be putting spoilers below, but anyone watching some of the Beta YouTube videos already knows this…

    =========SPOILER START=========
    During the new Forsaken leveling experience, we come across the leader of the Gilnea’s Worgen finds the survivors of Hillsbrad and convinces them to *drink his blood* to protect them from becoming Undead. So they would drink his blood – and become Worgen.

    This is VERY similar to the Orcs drinking the blood of demons. Almost too similar.

    In all honesty, I wonder how long the Worgen will even BE our allies.
    ==========SPOILER END==========

    To be perfectly honest, I hope there is a strong “anti-Worgen” attitude throughout parts of the Alliance. Why should the Horde get all the Faction in-fighting? Accepting the Worgen into the Alliance is not all that dissimilar from the Horde accepting the Forsaken. They aren’t entirely to be trusted, in my opinion.

    • The kind of Worgen you speak of, despite your tone, are of the sane mind, and not the feral ones that we the players have been killing for years.

      And their situations are not as similar as you’d like to think they are.

      The orcs took the blood under the pretense that they were under attack by the Draenei. The latter was never a threat to the orcs.

      The Hillsbrad survivors, on the other hand, are being actively hunted and killed and they want some payback against the scum sucking horde pukes that are killing them off.

      • And yet, the alliance wouldn’t accept the inhabitants of Hillsbrad when they were turned into undead by the scourge and then escaped …

  7. I want to know what’ll happen to my special Worgen Skin outfit I’ve made in anticipation of the upcoming racial addition.

    I also bought the thread using money taken from killing Gilnean refugees.

  8. Spinks, perhaps if the Forsaken weren’t more or less the same as the Scourge, maybe so.

    Besides, can you really differentiate between the Scourge and the Forsaken by their actions? I don’t think so. They kinda lose their ‘victim’ status when they go about killing innocent people in Southshore.

    • [My Faction] is holier than [Your Faction]. [My Race] are innocent victims, [Your Race] are evil, racist, imperialistic oppressors. Every one of them. No exceptions.

      • What’s hilarious is that you assume I’m speaking from an Alliance perspective, when anyone thinking objectively would condemn the Forsaken’s actions.

        What’s even more hilarious is that you assume that the actions of the Forsaken are anything but murderous.

      • First off, we all play murderers in these games. And secondly, if you check the about tab, you’ll see that my main is a forsaken warrior.

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