Important Poll! (Dilemma no. 23)

As those who followed The Book of Grudges will know, I’m definitely the whimsical non-serious blogger of the family, so here’s my current contribution…

This Friday and Saturday I’m going to be meeting some of my kinmates from LotRO (kin = guild and although I always call it a guild, I try and be good on ‘paper’). Met a few of them before, but not as many as will be around this weekend. And, of course, being a geek, the main question is what I should wear that strikes the precise balance between being geek-cool and amusing to me. T-shirt, of course. So here’s the choices, and you get to vote on what I should wear for a LotRO kinmeet on saturday:

Hawaii Five-O (I got lei'd - gettit?)

Sauron gets his Ring

Dragon Quest smily slime

Lost & propaganda

The Quick Brown Fox...

Over to you:

11 thoughts on “Important Poll! (Dilemma no. 23)

  1. My current favourite for WoW guild meets is my Dalaran University T-shirt. I like the fact that unless you know you probably wouldn’t guess it is a geek T-shirt. 🙂

    Hope you have a great time – we went camping with a dozen guildies last weekend – was great fun, but would have been funner if English weather had co-operated more. 🙂

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