Free-to-Play Hardcore

As the countdown to LotRO going free-to-play starts, I’ve found myself pondering all sorts of random elements about games going free-to-play. Possibly the most bizarre of these, is the concept of hardcore and how it relates to the micro-payment structure.

Will the new hardcore be those who reach the level cap without paying a penny? I like the idea of this one, and I’d give it a go if I wasn’t already a lifer on LotRO – it’s a little like Ysharros’ non-quest quest, but with additional difficulty of not buying adventure packs.

I actually hope someone does give it a go, so we can cheerlead them along, in whatever game they choose to do it in.

3 thoughts on “Free-to-Play Hardcore

  1. I’m sure people will try to figure out how to play LotRO completely for free. In DDO, there are plenty of guides on how to grind favor so that you can get Turbine points for free. I’ve even seen breakdowns for how much favor you can earn per Turbine point for buying adventure packs to maximize your return.

    I suspect we’ll see the same thing in LotRO, although some of the restrictions they’ve placed on it make it sound like they’re trying to avoid this to some extent. We’ll see how it goes. But, anticipating this will happen is a no-brainer. 🙂 It just takes a certain neurotic personality….

  2. SOMEONE will accomplish this in LOTRO, but the average cheapskate will not get nearly as far as in DDO. The two expansions, which have Turbine Point costs totaling around 5,000 TP ($50) in beta, are mandatory for reaching the level cap. At 5 TP per deed, you’d have to re-roll and delete a lot of low level alts to get there. By contrast, you need maybe half that many TP to get to cap in DDO, and you get around 800 easily obtained bonus TP just for creating a new account.

  3. Hmmm, maybe I’ll be the test subject as I’ve been pondering LoTR for quite awhile now, but have been unwilling to shell out the clams to play. However, once full time free-to-play goes into effect, I most likely will give it a go. And, fortunately or not, I am one of those driven people that have “completion fever” in that once I start something I find it very difficult to stop until the final goal is achieved. My “fever” is only outweighed by my cheapness 🙂

    So, if I ever get started with LoTR, I’ll be sure to give you progress reports as I march to level cap.

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