10 thoughts on “The sentence every tank loves to hear

  1. Back when we first got the bloods off fester/rotface, our one main plate melee dps had just left guild a few days before. The only people we had that could roll on the bloods [aka had the quest] were tanks for their offspecs. So our first few sets of bloods went to tank offsets. Then we got more melee showing up and got it to them as we could in the following weeks.

  2. Expect the unexpected. Now that our prot warrior is halfway through his Shadowmourne, the “weirdness” is over. I’m secretly hoping he tries to tank as fury.

  3. Strength gems?

    Say it ain’t so! Armour pen is where it’s at. Making the switch costs a fortune (and is probably pointless this close to Cata unless you dps a lot) but when you are getting 20% more dps per point it adds up.

    • Heh, I gave up trying to figure out how to gem dps gear a long time ago. Too complicated and too subject to change. It used to be that strength was king so that’s what I’m sticking with!! I don’t understand arpen.

  4. In reply to how to best gem as a dps warrior. Download landsoul’s spreadsheet. ArP is not always better than STR just after you can get a certain amount. It also depends on the amount of other stats you have.

    But at this point unless you care to get every last ounce of dps out of your offspec you could just keep the STR gems cause ArP gems will change to crit in cata.

  5. The fact that ArP gems will change to crit in Cata isn’t terribly important, since all WotLK uncut epics gems will be vendor trash then (and will be superseded by green or blue quality Cata gems). If you wanted to swap gems at that time the cost would be minimal, and the sunk cost irrelevant.

  6. The sound of our melee DPS as they heard about that is one that I shall remember for a long time. Perhaps as long as the memory of our Feral colleague squealing like a little girl when The Lurker Below jumped out over his head.

    Congrats, and I hope you have your /cast Bladestorm /y BONESTOOOOOORM! macro worked out!

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