Alas, poor deathknight, I knew ye well


Readers, I have a confession to make.

I have not one, not two, but THREE level 80 Death Knights in my stable of alts vs only one of any other class. For me, the class has been one of the great successes of the expansion. I haven’t done much raiding on any of them other than the odd VoA, they’re my fun alts.

And every single one of them has a talent spec which will disappear in the next patch. I can’t help that I like blood dps and frost tanking!

Things I love about my Death Knights:

  • Hair colour. People ask where my dwarf got the awesome hairdye. I say that’s not dye, it’s BLOOD! Or else I lie and say there is a special barber in Silithus, just to make them run across two continents because I am a death knight and I am eeeeeeevil.
  • Free weapon enchants. Why did Blizzard think it was a good idea to give Death Knights a free rune enchant that is the best weapon enchant in the game when everyone else has to pay through the nose for Berserking? I have no idea. There is no conceivable balance reason for this.
  • Levelling is such a breeze. For sure it doesn’t hurt to start with a nice set of blue quality gear, but access to fast running and lots of self heals in combat makes for a happy melee class. Expect this to change in Cataclysm unless you want to level as a tank.
  • Everyone hates them. The bar for a DK is very low, so if you are even moderately competent as a tank, people tend to be impressed.
  • Not one but two interrupts. Suck it, paladins. (OK, my warrior also has plenty of interrupts, massive numbers of stuns, and charge but the DK is almost as good.)
  • Pet army of ghouls. It doesn’t get better than this, and the fact they always piss everyone off is a bonus.

I’m sure at least one of them will struggle through to 85. I still like my warrior best, but death knights do run them a close second for me.

edited to add: I will write a proper comparison between warrior and death knight, but was inspired by Larisa’s post on how she loves WoW to write about something I really enjoyed in this expansion. Suffice it to say I enjoy both classes very much. And warriors will be amazing to level in Cataclysm too — getting Victory Rush so early minimises downtime.

14 thoughts on “Alas, poor deathknight, I knew ye well

  1. Haha! 🙂

    I always knew it that Undead Warriors are by default evil and will inevitably end up as Death Knights. They are already (Un)Dead, after all. And your raiding progress it was almost impossible not to be knighted. 🙂

    But what shall I say, in each (MMO)RPG so far I started out with a male Paladin or Warrior/Monk class and loathed Warlocks and Necromancers the most. I do not make this up, my thoughts about Warlocks and Necromancers in WoW/GW were exactly the same “this class sucks so hard… okay, Warlocks have at least Fear” (before it got nerfed over and over…).

    In the end my GW main became a raven haired female Necromancer and my WoW char of choice a raven haired human female Warlock.

    And yeah, riding over water and blood worms are just two of the really cool and fun things about the class. They just pissed me off because I claim that many of these abilities could have been used to enhance the Warlock class.

    • Hee. True story: One of reasons I picked undead for my warrior was because back in beta, Blizzard were still talking about hero classes that would be race specific and I thought that for sure an undead warrior would be able to become a death knight 🙂

  2. I hate them in PVP – I guess it’s the one good thing about grip of life (or whatever it’s called), I already look forward to thwart deathgrip by moving gripped players back behind me! 😛

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  4. I’m glad if the postive vibes can spread on the webs. I’ll think of if there are other things from Wrath that I really loved and that deserve a post of their own.
    It’s about time we smell the roses!

  5. Death Knights really were a great success. I think they are such a fun class, and my DK is my main.

    I’m worried about Cata because I also love warriors (my main through TBC was a gnome warrior) and DKs aren’t looking very good in beta, while the changes to warriors look GREAT.

    The worst is that they took away our innate self healing and nerfed death strike into the ground for non-tanks, meaning that we have almost no self-healing at all to reduce downtime unless we solo in tank spec (gimped damage).

    Meanwhile, Warriors got a giant buff to a talent that passively heals them when they take damage and is available to every spec, plus Bloodthirst, plus Enraged Regen being better (especially with Fury mastery). Plus, Arms gets a nice meaty stun.

    I left my warrior largely because of the lack of defensive and self-healing options without a shield equipped. Now it seems like the two classes have switched positions in that respect, and I feel kind of swindled.

    Hopefully my fears will turn out to be unfounded once the PTR finally finishes downloadiing.

    • This is a really good point, and since I haven’t really been following the beta, I’m not really in a position to comment.

      What we do know is that while DKs and warriors play very differently at the moment, they might really be much closer together in Cataclysm. I don’t think that’s a good thing for DKs (if warrior dps gets closer in feel to DK dps then that’s probably good for warriors though, since I think the DK mechanics are more fun) and … yeah …. really not that sure where they are going with the class.

  6. I did get quite addicted to my Death Knight tank, as you well know Spinks, me wanting to tank EVERYTHING. Found the class so much more fun than my druid back in TBC, with the Army, blood on the ground affects etc. etc.

    Gah, this is making me want to come back to WoW now.

  7. I keep rolling DKs and enjoying them and then … just … never … playing them. I don’t know why, I think I’ve never found the right imaginative hook. I know I’m not a roleplayer or whatever but I do like to know who these characters are. I currently have a jawless undead DK… except mainly what I feel for him is immense pity.

    I mean … he was killed by the LK and enslaved. And then he broke free. And then he was killed by the LK and enslaved AGAIN.

    How is that for shitty luck.

    Sorry, I’m rambling.

    Your dorf’s hair is, indeed, fabulous 🙂

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