So, is CCP set to announce a Vampire MMO next week?

It must be at least a year since I last guesstimated that CCP/ White Wolf were about to loose the blinds from their long awaited Word of Darkness MMO. And I was wrong last time.

But maybe this year will be different. White Wolf are holding a Grand Masquerade WoD Convention next week and the rumours are already flying about a big announcement that is on the cards.

In particular, one of the panels on the schedule for Saturday 25th Sept is on “Tell the World of Darkness Development team what you want to see in the MMO.” A sign of things to come, or just a tease from a gaming company who know that their fans have an interest in the genre?

It does now have me thinking about what I personally would want to see in a WoD MMO.

  • Vampire-centric. The WoD gets muddled as you add more supernaturals and there are balance issues, those work better as mysterious NPCs.
  • Big emphasis on politics, alliances, turf wars, and gathering influence and information.
  • Real world setting. A big city to explore.
  • PvP as economic and influence struggle as well as face to face combat.
  • Be able to make a vampire that perches on rooftops, as per Underworld or Christopher Walken in Prophecy.
  • Lots of blood. And dressing up.

In any case, a company that is asking fans about what they want to see doesn’t sound like one that is ready to release a game any time soon. I’d say 2012 at the earliest for this one. And it will be nice for fans of modern urban fantasy to have a few options on the table, between WoD and The Secret World.

Are you looking forwards to the World of Darkness MMO, and what would you want to see in it?

10 thoughts on “So, is CCP set to announce a Vampire MMO next week?

    • I played so much old WoD back in the day, that’d be great. I cannot imagine that they’d do it, and new WoD is very streamlined and plays well. It just … never really captured the spirit of the thing like the old rules did, for me at least.

  1. It’s a very cool idea, but as you pointed out, soliciting basic feedback from the player base doesn’t sound like anything is solid yet. To hitch their wagon to the True Blood/Twilight craze, they’d really need it to be done now. If it comes out in an optimistic 24 months, they’d be chasing the tail-end of the vampire bell curve, which tends to look bad to shareholders.

    That said, it’d be fantastically cool and I’d really like to see two factions: Vampires and Humans. It’d be great to be able to convert Humans to Vampires, thus changing their allegience… but something like that really screams for a balancing mechanism to un-Vampire a Vampire!

  2. I could deal with just Vampires at release, because these are just about the only Vampires that don’t make me want lose my lunch. That being said, I would love for there to be werewolves and mages as PCs, even if they were from an expansion or else needed to be unlokced to have access to them.

  3. I loved the Old Vampire WOD game.

    One of my favorite PC games was Masquerade.

    I loved the Old world of Darkness, Hell I even loved that cheezy TV show.

    Can I have my Setite clan Vampire Puhleeze. 😛

  4. They’d probably have an amazing headstart if they purchased the (now defunct) APB assets for pennies (pence?) on the dollar, patched up the shooting and driving bits and then spent a proper amount of time and money on making a nice large playfield, and fixing up Vampire (and Werewolf) and Human gameplay to be top-notch.

    /mourns the loss of that *amazing* customization engine

  5. I have this horrible vision it’s going to be like Eve. Except with vampires. Frankly, I don’t want to have to deal with all that OOC meta-stuff. It’s one of the reasons I stopped mushing.

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