[Old Azeroth] On the colour yellow


I noticed while touring Azeroth recently that the colour yellow doesn’t get much use in the palettes in Outland and Northrend. And desert zones don’t really translate at all – it just seems to be a climate that isn’t Outlandian, along with jungles.

I wonder how many deserts will be left after the Cataclysm …


“The lone and level sands stretch far away ….”

8 thoughts on “[Old Azeroth] On the colour yellow

  1. I can’t believe you joined a guild called “Single Abstract Noun” 😀

    The thing about Blizzard is, when they choose a colour, they hit you over the head with it. There’s a place in Terrokar, as you move from the lake outside Shattrath to Zangarmarsh where, for a moment, you can see the *actual* colours of Zangarmarsh without the purple wash.

    And who could forget how red the Draenai 10-20 zone is…

  2. I hope there are some good deserts. Tanaris was always one of my favorite zones to just ride around in (potentially from leveling mining). I think the dust storms there and the periodic monsoons in STV (and especially ZG) are some of the most immersive things in the game.

  3. “Single Abstract Noun” is a guild for bloggers, or anyone who follows the WoW blogging community. The name makes fun of guild names such as Ensidia, Paradigm, etc, which are, coincidentally (!), single abstract nouns.

    I believe there are several SAN’s on multiple different servers if you are interested.

    I grew up in a desert. Not quite a Tenaris desert, but close. I loved and still love wandering Tenaris. Especially the coastal areas.

    I would think a “Cataclysm” would form a few more deserts…

  4. Oh god, what is up with the super intrusive popup ads that don’t want to go away on anything you’re unfortunate enough to mouseover on this blog ?

    • There shouldn’t be any ads on here, but there is a site preview (so if you mouse over a link it’ll pop up a window showing where the link leads). If you look at the bottom of the popup it should say “turn site previews off” which will stop that happening.

      If that doesn’t work, could you let me know what browser you’re using and I’ll try to test it some more and feedback to wordpress if it isn’t working.

      Sorry if it is being annoying.

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