[Cataclysm] New race/ class combos in before expansion

Ladies and Gentleorcs, start your engines. We have a release date for Cataclysm and it is 7th December. I imagine there was a lot of pressure for Blizzard to get this one out of the door before the end of the year (and not just from bored players.) Player vs Developer notes that the digital download will be available from Blizzard on launch day, which didn’t happen with previous expansions. Will Cataclysm sneak in as the biggest game of the year? There’s a lot of competition.

But there are going to be some major changes in the game before this date too. It’s been quite usual in the past for class changes to be patched in before an expansion and that will happen here too.

isheepthings sums up the changes coming into the game via patch 4.0.1 which is due in a week or so.

I predict that the raid lock changes in particular will be quite confusing to people. My brief summary:

  • 10 and 25 man raids will share the same locks
  • You can zone into any raid as long as it’s further into an instance than any boss you have already killed that week. So if you go into ICC on Wednesday and clear the first wing, you can go in with any raid later in the week as long as those bosses are already down when you zone in.
  • Blizzard explain it more fully here.
  • However, if your raid clears the first wing when you aren’t there and you then clear the rest of the instance with them the next day, you cannot later go into a new raid just to kill the first wing (because you have already killed the later bosses.)

More interestingly, Zarhym commented in answer to questions on the official board:

Q u o t e:
Will the new Race/class combinations (not Worgen/ Goblin), be available prior to Cataclysm? Or do you have to have a Cataclysm account to create an Orc mage or a Troll Druid?

They will be available to everyone shortly before the release of Cataclysm when The Shattering takes place.

So it sounds as though the world will change before the expansion launches, at which time everyone who is desperate to play a blood elf warrior, tauren paladin, dwarf shaman et al can get their groove on.


14 thoughts on “[Cataclysm] New race/ class combos in before expansion

  1. Previously it was reported that you’d need to purchase CAT to get those new combos. If that’s no longer true, I’m calling it a good move.

    • Yup, that’s how I read it too. And depending on what The Shattering turns out to be, you might actually be able to do all the revamped low level zones before the expansion ships too. (Just not the new races or new zones.)

      • This has been confirmed – everything in the revamped zones and attached to the existing races will be free to everyone, even if they only own the original WoW. The downside for newbies is that Goblins and Worgen will require Cataclysm, which requires TBC and Wrath, so you’ll have to pony up for all three expansions to try the new races.

      • So the new troll (and gnome) starting areas will be up before Cata? Main reason I’m rolling another troll is to see the starting area.

  2. Also this implies some sort of very major pre-cata world event.

    WotLK had its pre-event (hordes of Zombies everywhere infecting everyone, /zombie chan for the infected of both factions, wellfare epics for anyone who could stand up and mow down the undead) which were sorta fun unless you had something to do and shattrath was under attack at the time….

    ….but this is liable to be of a different order. Which could be fun. I rather hope Blizz are going with a GM driven world event thats more than the current holidays are (some fun quests and a ‘queue here for wellfare pinyata’)

    The shattering sounds pretty cool.

  3. There was a sneak peak at part 2 of the event which involved Elementals invading cities, and beforehand players having to barricade the city, then defend against them (sounds like a WoW version of Tower Defence)

    The upside to this is that if you don’t want to participate you don’t have to.

    The downside to this is, no-one can make you participate.

  4. Plenty of time to get those last two levels to 80 on my Death Knight then, although I guess I’ll not have much time to run Heroics though and I dread continuing my tanking only to get into those first Cata instances as a tank with people fully raid geared doing more DPS than I can possibly hold threat from with my lovely blue gear.

  5. Zombie>>

    From the Beta test all that Raid gear will be replaced by 82nd level greens. So dont worry about it. unlike Wrath and TBC top end raid gear everyone will be on a level playing field.

  6. Good move by Blizz, in my view.

    I’ve seen the beginnings of the World Event on the PTR (haven’t played through the whole questline, as I want to be surprised), I don’t know how long they can stretch that out, and I have a feeling that raiding current/old content with new abilities may not work out too well. They’re going to have to keep us occupied for somewhere around 2 months after 4.0.1 goes live, this is a good way to do that I think.

  7. Ofcouse Cataclysm will be the online game of the year! Actualy of the next year! 2011 hehe.

    I am thinking to buy it online from Blizz store so i can be able to play just a few mins after the release, even if i think blizz servers will go down pretty fast like happen on SC2.

    Anyway i cant wait to level up my DK since i got practice from Beta servers, i just ppl to forget mount hyjal and go str8 to the most amazing zone i’ve seen till now.. Vashj’ir!!

  8. Okay, so I haven’t missed someone telling me what the Shattering is yet? I haven’t been active since January waiting on the expansion, but wondering if it’s worth signing up a month or so in advance of Cat to watch all the kewlness happen.

  9. Personally I bought SC2 from the digital download option and have only used my world of warcraft discs once to reinstall….every reinstall or new install since then has been digital download of WoW. I think thats the route I’ll go for this expansion as well as long as I can “preload” and unlock the day of release instead of paying for and having to download for another 10h to play.

    Also thanks for the post link 🙂

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