Screenshot 2: Stop! Infest time!


This is a picture from the beginning of the Lich King fight. Arthas pauses as he’s running up towards the tank to cast infest. This drives me nuts because he stops for just long enough for ranged to get threat on him if we aren’t careful with the misdirects.

Bloody paladins!


9 thoughts on “Screenshot 2: Stop! Infest time!

  1. Really? Never had trouble. As the tank, I stand next to him when he activates, pop wings, and back him up.

    Half the time, he stops to cast Infest right about where I want him (and then I turn him around). If he casts infest where I don’t want him, I just stop and then back him up more when he’s done. Never out of range.

  2. Interesting. You tank him all the way back at the end of the platform, so he has a long way to run to you. I pretty much tanked him by the weird pillar thing to the left of the stairs, so he casts Infest after I have already smacked him around a bit.

    • I tank him all the way at the back too.

      I find it just helps for the transition phases if everyone knows that they always have to be at the top edge of the map just prior to him casting remorseless winter.

  3. More than this, I always get a chuckle at the part right before that, where he runs directly at the poor disc priest who’s been busy bubbling everyone.

  4. We never really decided to start there – we just never decided to start elsewhere. Initially, we started at the teleport target, and then backed up so we wouldn’t need to move during Remorseless Winter.

    I considered shuffling the starting position around closer to him – but anyone who’s tried RLing 25-man raids will probably understand that small cosmetic changes like that are _much_ more trouble than they’re worth. All it would have saved was 10s or so of DPS time, and a little bit of bother for the MT, who then needed to have it facing the appropriate direction.

    Plus, I was always the OT in P1, so that last bit never bothered me *grin*

    • I think it always worked well enough, plus had the bonus that ranged dps didn’t really need to move, so we never really discussed it. The infest casting was never an issue, just mildly annoying that he has to stop to do it.

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