Solving the birthday dilemma

Arb and I are both very excited about Dragon Age 2, partly because we both loved the first game and partly because both of our birthdays are in March – conveniently for the game’s release.

So the announcement of the new signature edition, available to pre-orders, gave us both good ideas for potential birthday presents.

Do you have any ideas what you want for your birthday next year, because I had a thought …?

DA2? I was thinking of getting that for you too

We could both pre-order and get signature editions for each other


Shall I just order one and get it sent to myself, and then you can do the same and we’ll pretend we paid for each other?

Interestingly, although unsurprisingly, the signature edition costs more than the regular edition on Amazon. (I’d assumed that all pre-orders would automatically be signature edition but nope.)


4 thoughts on “Solving the birthday dilemma

  1. My fiancee and I did this for our anniversary too.

    She wanted Civ 4 and I wanted this cool book I’d seen. Both were about $30 and instead of me buying her Civ through my Steam account and gifting it to her, I just said “why don’t we just give each other permission to buy it for ourselves and that can be the present”

  2. What!! The sig edition is a separate one? I thought I could pre-order any. Why do they lie and not just call it a special edition you can only buy on pre-order?

    Seriously, I think that’s really shitty. But of course, I’ll do it. Sigh.

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