The mysterious case of the cat in the night time


Imagine if you will that you have a cat. And that you decide to buy your cat a cat basket to sleep in.

(If you own a cat, you will probably be laughing now at the naivety of the above statement.)

So the cat basket is designed perfectly to fit a cat’s sleeping needs. It’s comfortable, enclosed, and you have placed it somewhere safe and warm. Perfect!

But your cat ignores the cat basket. It will sleep in a selection of semi-random uncomfortable spots in the house. It will sleep in your sock drawer. It will sleep on the window sill. It will sleep on the bathroom floor. But it will shun the cat basket, as if it was allergic.  So you give up. You put the cat basket away somewhere in the back of the attic, in a pile with the old records and tangles of wire.

And then one day, when the cat is exploring on its own, it finds the abandoned cat basket. Suddenly, the cat is more interested. And then you actually find the cat snoozing INSIDE the cat basket.

I’ll leave the MMO/gaming related observations about explorer playing styles and whether game elements are more fun when you discover them yourself as an exercise for the reader.

16 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the cat in the night time

  1. Oh so true to Cat-nature.

    The only way I’ve ever got a cat to sleep in a cat basket is to shoo them away from it whenever I see them even close to it. After a few days I act all ‘oh I cant be bothered with the shooing thing’ and it sometimes works…

  2. That is so true! As newbie cat owners all those years ago we did waste money on lovely cat beds until we realised they much prefererred an old cardboard box with a little blanket in.

    Recently one of our cats took a fancy to a cardboard box that some shoes had come in, so we tried to make it comfier for him by putting a little bit of fleece inside it. He refused to go back inside until the fleece was removed. They are very strange creatures… 🙂

  3. Ah yes, I know this story only too well. I too own an elaborate comfortable enclosed cat bed. Which my cat shuns. However, she was more then willing to sleep in a wee tiny tiny basket perched precariously on the bottom shelf of a bookcase with most of her body hanging out of said basket as she looked like an over sized muffin top.

    I have caught her sleeping in the elaborate kitty bed a few times now – but if I dare LOOK at her in there she’ll leave immediately.

  4. I have three cats. I have long given up on buying them anything that we humans think are toys, beds, or even useful to them. Kitty toys are left in the middle of the floor in favor of the plastic grocery bag they came in. The scratching mat I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond (you know, that one from recycled cardboard?) sits mostly unused next to their litter box room. I never even tried buying them a bed, but my sister had a kitty tent she wasn’t using and sent it my way. After about two months of them not using it, I tossed it, only to find my youngest cat, Tribble, using my daughter’s doll tent the next day.

    Favorite kitty perches in this house are my laptop, hubby’s desk, the ledge in front of the t.v., and the backs of the couches.

  5. When we started living together, my wife had never had a cat before. She bought my cat toys and was annoyed when it wouldn’t play with them on demand.

    She still falls into that trap now and again. She bought a cat bed for our cats a year or so back. After about six months, one of the cats slept in it once. I declared victory.

  6. Haha! These stories are so true.

    I had an experience like Tufva’s above. We have a basket to throw mail in near the door, and our newest cat Tezcatlipoca took to sleeping there. Looked hideously uncomfortable, but cat bodies are obviously different.

    Anyway, my GF decided to put a pillow in there to make it a bit more comfortable. Nope, all that did was make less room for the mail. Took the pillow out and he’s back in the basket on occasion.

    I will never completely understand cats, and for that I cherish them.

  7. We bought my daughter a cat recently, well, it’s for all of us (I’ve always loved cats) but she particularly wanted a pet. It’s been so good for her, since the cat brings so much happiness.
    Ours sleeps all over the place, too, and we threw away the cat basket I bought. I should have remember how none of my previous cats actually used baskets; sock drawers were one favourite of a past cat.

  8. Ours do sleep on cat blankets…if they’re placed on window sills.

    We have two blankets at either end of our front rooms window and we often get ‘Bookend Kitten’ syndrome which looks very cute and entertains our neighbours

  9. They toy my cats love the most… The little plastic ring from the bottom part of gallon milk caps.
    The only toy they liked that I actually paid for was a laser pointer.

  10. The limit of my experiences with cats is that they appear to greatly resent being displaced by visiting students armed with laptops.

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