It’s just a sausage fest


Apparently it’s British Sausage week this week (didn’t actually realise it was sponsored by pork marketers until I researched this post, guess I’m being subversive by eating beef sausages then!).

So it seemed somehow appropriate that when I logged into LOTRO last night after the F2P update had gone live, one of the many new deeds I was showered with was, “Known to the men of Bree.”

“That’s a bit cheeky”, I thought. But at least the actual title is – slightly – better…


Anyone else have any favourite embarrassing achievements, deeds, or titles?

2 thoughts on “It’s just a sausage fest

  1. Warhammer had delightfully cheerful titles for assorted mischief, including falling to your death, getting killed by each class, etc. some of them were enjoyably cheeky.

    Favorite has to be one for collecting all the pvp armor sets for levels 1-40 – granting the title “The DeciObliDevAnnihilator”

    As for truly embarassing ones though, ‘Death by Pie’ for being killed with a thrown pie, takes the cake (aha!)

    the reverse was ‘Pie Assassin’.

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