I’m not saying I’m a Dragon Quest fan but …

… three different friends emailed me a link to this Dragon Quest IX event that is being held in London this weekend. My husband mentioned it too when he walked through the door. There are special new bosses and maps to download!

I’m getting flashbacks to years ago when I queued up for several cold hours outside a huge shopping estate with my dad and sisters for a Nintendo event so that we could all download a Mew to our copies of Pokemon Red/ Blue. It was the 151st pokemon! We were very excited!

If you own HeartSilver or whatever the other one is called, then I’m afraid you have missed the chance to get a Mew of your own, although they did have  a special 10 year anniversary event in October. Anyone pick up a Mew then?

And dammit, I’m excited again. Even though Jedward will be there – why Jedward? Must be the hair …


4 thoughts on “I’m not saying I’m a Dragon Quest fan but …

  1. I was thinking about grabbing DQ9 for my DS after the coverage you’ve given it right here. However, at the weekend I saw possibly the most annoying advert ever with those idiotic, vapid, celebutard twins and anyone that is willing to give them cash to promote something doesn’t get any of mine!

  2. I got Mew during the last WiFi event. You don’t even have to go to the Mall any more, you can download from home via Nintendo WiFi.

    Going to the mall was a bit more of an event though. It made the process feel special.

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