Thoughts on LOTRO FTP

So, I’ve finally started to pay attention to LotRO again seriously since the European game went free-to-play and we actually have some new content to muck about with. Not only new content in terms of land-mass and quests, but also newly-scaled instances, new barter items to grind and a little class revamp for those of the Captain persuasion (which is me, naturally).

New specs – no problem. I can see the benefits of having some more viable speclines available to me, even if I still don’t like many of the individual traits it’s been interesting to toy around with them.

New quests – Enedwaith is pretty. I like the varied land, the quest hubs, the flow of the story. The epic book wasn’t too bad, shame it didn’t have any group content in – even if it had been done skirmish-style, like the Mirkwood book. I miss some grouping in epic books – often it helps make them feel more… epic. I am, however, taking the questing quite slowly and progressing at a much slower pace than I’m used to. I’m kind of enjoying that, despite feeling slow compared to my more ‘hardcore’ buddies. There’s a LOT of repeatable quests for barter items and reputation also. If you’ve not done the quests the first time, you don’t get to do the repeatables (fairly obvious), but I should, eventually, get some more of those done. I probably do a few more than many, but nothing like the hardcore playstyle I used to favour. Sometimes I feel bad about this, like I’ve fallen off some wagon. Other times, I remember I’m just doing other things instead.

Newly-scaling instances. Fun, distracting, a bit like skirmishes when they first came in, but with better reward structures. Have so far done Ost Elendil, two of the Barrows instances, and a couple of runs in Helegrod. I’d possibly have done more, but I’ve had a busy couple of weeks.

So I was reading about the November update, where Loremasters do very nicely (one day, Captains will receive some proper love from devs, honest!), and where class consumables get introduced (the summary linked to from mmorsel is the best out there). First thought – seriously, NOTHING for tailors again? Second thought – we can craft them or buy them from the store? Third thought – some of these look pretty essential for raiding performance, others not so much. Now, right now the better versions of all the consumables are crafted. That’s good. But the next tier down can be bought…

…so far, I think Turbine’s implementation of free-to-play has shown a great deal of thought. We can buy stuff and I’m sure they’re making a lot more money than they were, but nothing yet that I feel I have to buy. Although I was told this week by a fellow raider than anyone not buying stat tomes is an idiot. Colour me idiotic then, because I managed to raid with my ‘rubbish’ stats last week and truthfully since f2p came in and people bought stat tomes, we’ve done worse generally! I probably will spend my points on stat tomes eventually, and I do resent them more than anything in the store – but hey, there has to be some blatant money-making in there. Class consumables makes me want to watch the store more closely and I wonder how long before Turbine pushes the limits. Will we ever be expected to spend actual money to keep up enough to raid? Will that be a neat excuse for me to drop raiding? I only have a rubbish craft (ie. tailoring), and I find it difficult to get people to craft stuff for me. I make money and I end up spending it on tokens, scrolls, potions and I guess I’ll do the same for consumables in the future. But if I didn’t raid, I wouldn’t have to do any of that!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on LOTRO FTP

  1. One can buy 5x +10 of each stat. 495 points ~ 5 EUR for each +10.

    25 bucks to raise your most important stat.
    One has to pay 25 and 125 EUR if you want to raise them all.
    These stat tomes/scrolls also drop, the rate is ofc very low.

    Let me repeat that, anyone *not* buying stat tomes is an idiot. 😉

    Regarding repeatable quests: There are only 8 for faction 4-5 for the Grey Company and 3-4 for the Algraig, depending on a choice. I suggest chosing the much harder to raise Algraig and not the “Feeding the Company” quest for the GC. The Hobbit repeatables offer nothing, while the group quests in Thror’s Coomb offer 13-15 Gold Tokens per run in very little time. This is going to repeat Lothlorien, people will have tons of gold tokens but run out of silver tokens.

    After one finished the GC reputation grind, things become bearable. Before that the dailies could take so long that I was not able to do them all on a daily basis. Getting GC company is fairly easy, you get it for almost everything you do in the Enedwaith.

    You already paid for LOTRO years ago and 500 points for subscribers per month is quite nice. But next to everything costs 500 points. Very much like you I did not see a reason to buy stuff so far. I wonder if the virtues and other traits I unlocked partially and later completely through subscribing will stay unlocked or fall back to the semi-unlocked state.

    This said, I think LOTRO is now a FREE trial.
    But if they want to play the game, people should wake up.

    They will pay *much more* under the “FREE 2 PLAY” model than they did with the subscription, and in fact I recommend them taking the subscription option rather than trying to go with a minimum package that will still cost them more, next to nothing in the shop costs less than 5 EUR.

  2. 125€ to raise all stats on one character? That’s money I will never spend. I won’t consider myself an idiot for having saved money.

    All of the current content in Lotro was doable without a single stat tome and still is.

    Maybe in the future the raids will require everybody to have stat tomes, but that’s a worry for the future.

  3. I bought a couple of stat tomes for my guardian. A lot of the more stat building jewellery are drops from instances, and sometimes rare ones at that. I haven’t been able to run enough for these drops to happen, so the tomes are some compensation for that for me especially as I got a whole load of points for ‘free’ being a lifetime member and all that.

  4. I echo Cary’s comments, I will not be buying stat tomes, neither will I be buying consumables, and no we are not idiots for doing so.

    Frankly I think those willing to spend 125€ on a game buff, let alone for a single character is the idiot.

    I sunk £5 on the game, plus a Mines of Moria expansion, thn sunk another £22 recently. I think thats enough. The things you really need to buy are quest zones and a horse. Bags are good but if you choose your methods I hear you can get those by setting up some characters subscribing for a month and keeping them. Perhaps I am an ‘idiot’ for just buying bags, perhaps not.

    The 3000TP I received plus Moria has unlocked most of the game content, the few quests zones remaining I can get through deed TP. When all those are mine, any reamining deed TP wil go on trait slots. Only after all this is done will I consider stat tomes.

    We are here to play a game, a higher stat is not ‘game content’ its just a way for someone to r0xx0r over another player. I just dont need to win that bad, yet maybe I still can with a friend or two and a bit of good timing, this is how th game was intended to be played.

    Frankly bring on the cash buffed up avatars, its easy if you win and humiliating if you lose.

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