When anecdotes attack…

I know it’s no big surprise that World of Warcraft and MMOs in general can really provide a bond between people where there really wasn’t anything much else in common.

I wrote a while ago about my boss’ young son and his little written note asking me how to get off Teldrassil. And my boss said her coolness factor with her son had gone up a couple of notches for knowing someone who could answer his questions.

Steampunk Phoenix tattooA couple of weeks ago, I went to get a tattoo I’d had planned for a while. It was a mammoth 8-hr session of tattooing (and I still need to get the background put in!). The tattooist had mentioned he was into computer games, but it was only when his girlfriend showed up towards the end of the session and he casually mentioned that both she and I played World of Warcraft that the big gaming discussion took place. She was in her early 20s, I’m 40. She’s a very hip goth chick, and I’m just an all-round geek. And yet we both play on EU roleplay servers (not the same ones, but still) and managed to have a very long and animated conversation about the game, Cataclysm, healing and roleplay in MMOs. Considering this was after around 6h of tattooing, it really helped get me through the final stages.

And then we come to last week. Just before a meal with workmates I went round to my co-workers’ house (she lives much closer to work than me, and yes, we work in a 2-person library, so it’s just us most of the time). Her 18-yr-old son came down to get some food and mentioned something about the Shattering and World of Warcraft and I discovered he’s also a healing nut (though he plays a druid to my shaman) and he ended up abandoning his sick girlfriend for 45m to have a chat with me about WoW.

It’s funny only because all these incidents all happened so close together. Normally I go through life with my gamer friends on one side and my non-gamer friends on the other. And while the non-gamers may be pretty tolerant to my explanations of these games, I don’t often have moments of connection via MMOs. (I mentioned on a very old blog once that my colleagues in the big library all knew that I went to fight a Balrog every friday night in LotRO and frequently asked how it had gone, even if they had no idea what any of the words meant ;p).

Anyway, thought I’d share because it made me feel warm and fuzzy!

8 thoughts on “When anecdotes attack…

  1. As a fellow Librarian (and wow gamer) I can very much relate (although I am not a 40 year old woman.. but otherwise).
    I’ve been “outed” by a loaner who saw me reading… well, this blog.
    Sometimes it is a very small world indeed. (or like Spinks said, there are just a sh*tload of WoW gamers).

    But yea, Tattoo of Awsome!

  2. 12 Million current customers, and I don’t think that includes all the people that tried it, or have quit now.

    I always find it amazing that I can run into people from all walks of life who play WoW, at all ages, from all backgrounds, even in the most unlikely of places.

    Thank god for the interwebz, and for developers who continue to pump out titles in out favorite genre!

  3. There’s a flip side.

    I know a huge bunch of people who play at my work (we’re an IT outffit so its not a huge surprise). it can be tricky when someone you manage wants in to your guild….or worse your manager!

    And it can be a nightmare when guild drama kicks off!

    But yeah on the while its a nice community feel 🙂

  4. It’s always strange when you don’t know if others are gamers and you bring up gaming for the first time. It seems like the second you can find a common game with another person the conversation just flows.

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