It came from the PUG: Pour encourager les autres!

Unsurprisingly, lower level PUGs have been proliferating in WoW since the Shattering (ie. last week). On the Horde side, we’ve been particularly lucky in that two of the new class combos (tauren paladin and troll druid) are both extremely popular and are also both tank/heal hybrids.

So happy times for my new undead hunter, at least until I decided to stop running instances because I really didn’t want to outlevel the zone quests. (Yes, even with the new instance xp changes.)

On the whole, most PUGs have been fine for me. This is partly because protection paladins are insanely overpowered at low level, particularly with heirlooms (they may also be overpowered at high levels, we’ll see this week). There has been the occasional rubbish group but very much the minority. But the behaviour in one group really did puzzle me. Some people!

We were in Ragefire Chasm which is the very lowest level instance available in the dungeon finder. So it’s fairly expected that players are still getting used to their classes, and that it’s the first instance they will have run with these characters.

But one of the other guys (the healer I think) kept complaining that the druid tank wasn’t going fast enough. He got so heated about it that it was at the point of ‘pull faster or else we’ll boot you.’ Unsurprisingly, the tank left. I asked afterwards, “Why were you being such a jerk, he was doing fine.”

One of the other players said, “SHUT UP!!!” (like, he was really really bothered by me challenging the other guy.)

The guy I was asking replied politely, “I just wanted to encourage him to go faster.”

Remember: this was just Ragefire Chasm and the tank had been doing fine. I get that the healer was such a muppet that he thought ‘gogogo or we’ll boot you’ was a polite and acceptable way to suggest slightly faster pulling rates. (I think leaving the group was the exact right response to this, it’s what I would have done too if I’d been tanking.) But why did the other guy lose his rag when I asked about it? That’s what puzzled me.

It came from the Guild Group

Also this week, a very different instance experience. One of the newer players in our guild reached 80 on his/ her character and we decided to go help them get a cool bronze drake (which requires a ‘speed’ run through heroic Culling of Stratholme.)

There was a long pause at the start in which everyone said something along the lines of, “Wow, it’s been ages since I ran an instance with an all guild group.” (There is actually a special icon that shows on your minimap now when you’re in an all guild instance run, featuring your guild emblem.)

So we whipped through the instance as though it was butter –- that’s a bad metaphor, let’s say as though it was cream instead – since a couple of ICC geared dps will tend to do that. There was even time for some banter while waiting for the various NPCs to do their thing.

And the new guy was really happy with the cool drake. And – here’s the thing – I think the rest of us were also really happy to have gotten together and helped him get it. There is, I think, a sense of achievement in working together as a team in favour of a common goal that we sometimes miss in the world of random LFD instance runs and individual rewards.

So I’m definitely looking forwards to more guild runs in days to come.

12 thoughts on “It came from the PUG: Pour encourager les autres!

  1. I have been rolling tank and healer alts.

    While I have largely given random dungeons the flick (both on levelling toons and 80’s), I find that in the face of gogogo (either by words or deeds), swapping from bear to cat, and /follow a remarkably satisfying experience.

    (A) no deserter debuf
    (B) satisfies my inner desire to … make a point.

    If I am kicked – instant requeue
    If the group can pull it off – stress free instance

    I am a carebear. Random dungeons are the cure for carebearism.

    • This.

      I’ll take a debuff on MY failings/screw ups/etc. [ie – my shaman cannot heal HHoR and I will apologize to the group and drop].

      I will not take one for a “GOGOGOGO” idiot or the like. If need be, I can take a break and go do some laundry etc… there’s always something to do around the house.

  2. With reference to your bronze drake – we’ve been running ICC heroic to try and get the last few people in our guild the 10 man meta achievement frostwyrm mounts.

    We had two guys who missed it – Sindragosa heroic with a scratch team is not an easy fight. I felt pretty dreadful about that to be honest.

  3. First story, a lot of the “gogo” mentality has been overly present in a lot of low level runs I have gone on. It sucks, but I agree that the tank did the right thing by just leaving the group and great job on stepping up and saying something to the group!

    Second story is so true. I am always much happier to run with friends/guild members and help them out because it does feel like you are accomplishing something for a common cause (whether it be a bronze drake or gearing someone for raiding). It is always much more enjoyable with companions than randoms!

  4. I’ve been pugging just as a break from things as there are still some upgrades I can get from the ICC five mans as I’ve not raided anything other than Naxx on my Shaman. It’s been fun racking up some of the achievements though, only 10 left for a red drake (although four of those come from Oculus). It was fun dropping into Strat and doing the timed run with 14 mins left on the clock. A lot different to when I was first there and got my drake.

  5. As an 80 disc priest without a guild to call her own – I envy any talk of guild groups. I just haven’t managed to find a “home” of any sort. Maybe that will change with Cataclysm. I’d LOVE to do guild runs.

  6. Sounds like there should be an add-on to transform WoWspeak into reasonable English.

    GOGOGGOGOGGGOGOGGO!!!!!!! = “I think we could afford to go a little faster here.”

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!! = “Well, unfortunately there’s no point complaining about it now. Best foot forward, eh?”

    FFS!!!!!! = “Hmmm, that didn’t go quite as well as I might have hoped.”

    • Could we also have one to translate English English to English?

      In regard to the second person flipping out about your question, I think it’s one of two things. Either they were afraid you’d continue what was clearly a problematic conversation or they were the type who cannot stand when people point out bad behavior. I ran into the second type not long ago, the sort who constantly insist on that you should drop the argument, but persistent in arguing about it; in my case they didn’t seem to recognize the point in the group running back if all the rezers are dead.

  7. Both stories confirm to me that I made a very good deal in moving over to LotRO a while back – the game culture is a lot more relaxed and friendly. While I’ve seen some pretty awful PuG players, and one or two bad-mannered ass hats, there’s a lot more tolerance and much more of a feeling of being a team as opposed to five individuals each using the other four as tools to get loot for themselves. And kin (guild) runs to help someone complete an epic quest or gear up are a daily occurrence, no big deal at all.

    The question is – what’s the difference between the two games, and is there some way to bottle it and infuse it into WoW to make a better playing experience for a lot more people?

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