[Cataclysm] Praise where praise is due, and the high cost of tradeskilling

So I was home a bit earlier last night which meant less of a wait in the queues (or rather, that I could start queuing and then sort out supper).

I’ve enjoyed my time in the undersea realms very much. I’d have been thrilled with a whole underwater expansion! Although the questing is fairly directed, there is also plenty to explore.

One interesting thing I found is that although in the new lower level zones, all the travel time has been cut and loads of new flight points added, in Vash’jir they’ve gone back to an older style of doing things. Flight points (sea horse points?) are more hidden, you’ll need to explore a bit to find the things you are looking for, and of course it’s more 3D so don’t forget the up and down dimension (z axis, for those keeping score). Quest NPCs, mobs, and items might need a bit more searching out as well.

(Incidentally if you love 3D – or pseudo 3D – combat and would like more of it, check out Star Trek Online. They have a very cool implementation of space combat.)

Some people will hate this and find it frustrating. I thought it was ace. Until I came to a point in the quest line where one of the quests was broken.

It was frustrating because I knew I was fairly close to the ends of the zone so I didn’t want to just give up and go on to a higher level area. I decided to sleep on it, so I left Spinks logged in near the offending quest and went to bed.

When I logged in the next morning, there was a note on the screen that they had restarted our servers at about 5amish (“Oo, maybe a hotfix”, I thought hopefully). And sure enough, my quest was fixed.

In my experience, it’s been very rare for an MMO team to be that on the ball with hotfixes unless there is some kind of critical potentially game breaking issue. And still, it’s the basic expectation I had with WoW, and I was right.

Tradeskills and Materials

I was selling stacks of Obsidium for over 600g each last night. I think leaving Blacksmithing for a few weeks while people are still crazy enough to pay these amounts was quite a good plan.

So if you are levelling a tradeskill at the moment, that’s your opportunity cost.

Screenshot of the Day


10 thoughts on “[Cataclysm] Praise where praise is due, and the high cost of tradeskilling

  1. Am still terrified of starting the new areas, but that’s my goal for today – to at least FIND it with my goblin and see if I can remember how to shaman.

    First heading to shops, but after that I’m going to try and tackle it all.

    • Only if you’re working with most 3D systems, largely based on CAD. If you’re working with Maya, on the other hand, the Y axis is “up” in worldspace, since conceptually, the standard 2D Cartesian plane is thought of as a movie screen on the wall rather than a drawing on a table.

      Just sayin’

  2. I’ve only played Vashj’ir as alliance until know. The zone looks nice and the speed buff and mount eliminate the disadvantage of water. Still, it’s 3D and I do not consider it fun to turn my camera 3 times until I’m able to loot a mob. (Give us “autolooting”. If we get XP and reputation automatically on kill, why not also gold and items?)

    But they went back to the terrible terrible terrible design of:

    – Get 2 quests. Kill 10 x, collect 10 a.
    – Return to quest hub
    – Get 2 new quests. Kill 10 y, collect 10 b at the exact same location as before. You’ve already killed 5 y while killing your 10 x but you now have to kill again 5 x to be able to kill your 10 y.
    – Return to quest hub
    – Get 2 new quests. Kill 10 z, collect 10 c at the exact same location as before…
    – Breadcrumber to next hub.
    – Repeat

    That’s the worst quest design I’ve ever seen in WoW. No chance to break out from the single quest line. Not like WotLK where you get all quests from a hub and just slaughter everything. Not like low level zones where you get roll-over quests. And with all the breadcrumber and map markers, you don’t have any reason to explore the world. I wouldn’t know where a single hub is, I’m just following directions…

    And why do the NPC always use /say and now whisper me their story? Do they think it’s fun to follow their wall of text when it’s mixed with their wall of text for 17 other players?

    And not being able to fly in the TBC old world zones is also a huge failure… say hello, invisible wall north of the pestlands…

  3. I only spend around an hour in Vash’jir last night, by the time I had finished dinner I got in the queue then went and did the washing up. Came back and was still at least an hour left so logged into LOTRO on my new F2P account. I finally got into WoW an hour before bed time so ran through some quests but need more play time before making any proper judgments. Perhaps I should finish levelling my mining first in OL/Northrend so I can cash in and give the rest of the server the chance to be 85 by the weekend so things are calmer. I did also create a new Worgen Hunter and the starting questline there is awesome!

  4. I’m “achieving” very little to be honest, atlhough the queues don’t help.

    Also. Best. Line. Ever.

    There are some little moments in the expansion content – there’s a dude hanging from a meathook in a cave full of ogres and if you ask how he is research is going he gives you … well … a rather colourful answer. I was delighted 🙂

  5. “So if you are levelling a tradeskill at the moment, that’s your opportunity cost.”

    I decided to level Leatherworking fast since there’s so much free leather kin the Vash’jir starting zone. I leveled 4 skinners to 525 in 3.5 hours and have been making great money selling greens. I got my main’s LW skill to 500 in 2 days and am now back to questing since I need materials found off scaly creatures in higher level zones. I’m having fun, making money, and not having to grind beasts endlessly to level up my crafting skill. So I’ll get to 85 a day or two slower. I’m already ahead of the game in every other way.

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