[Cataclysm] Racing other players

One of the things that happens when a lot of players are going after the same objective, whether it’s a quest mob or a crafting node or anything of that ilk, is that people tend to get more competitive.

In WoW at the moment, if you log on at peak times on a busy server, you’ll often be waiting around with other players for a quest mob to (re) spawn. And people handle this in different ways.

I’ve played games in the past where players politely queued. Sometimes people will turn it into a race and see who can target and hit the mob first when it appears. Sometimes people will start inviting everyone into a group so that everyone can share the kill (this is the smart way to proceed really). On a PvP server, there’s often a bloody killfest to sort out priorities.

So if someone invites you to a group when waiting for a boss to spawn, accept the invite.

I was more amused last night when we were dogpiling on some mob whose name I forget, and one of the alliance foolishly turned on their PvP flag. (Argent Dawn is a PvE server so you can’t attack other players unless they do that, but as soon as you do you will get flagged too.) In short notice, everyone in the vicinity was flagged for PvP and the alliance got slaughtered. Then once the numbers were thinned so that the remaining people could actually see each other, we invited the other hordies to a group and got the mob jointly.

But despite all the talk about sharing kills and horde powah, I have an admission to make. I kind of like racing other people to mining nodes and quest NPCs. Especially when I can charge in and tag something quickly.

But shamans and paladins – when you target the ground area with an AE DoT? That’s totally cheating 😛

Screenshot of the Day


I may be the only player who doesn’t like the worgen starting zones. Too much “go here, kill 10 x, now go here, kill 10 y” for me – the goblin area is much more fun.

But darn if they don’t get the most amazing looking staves.

10 thoughts on “[Cataclysm] Racing other players

  1. That staff is sooo pretty. I zoomed in on one while levelling. Also the hat, and there’s a fantastic headband which I’ll try to capture, makes you look really funny.

    Have to say in worgen areas on SC, there were rows of worgen in neat queues waiting for spawns, also plenty of random groups where everything went wrong in hilarious manner…

  2. it’s not only competitiveness that this current situation creates, but also kill stealing and anti-social behaviour. The quests have been designed for single or couple players at a time, whence they should have been designed fro 50-1000 players around the area at a time.

    Blizzard has again proven how well they understand social engineering.

    I have the same gripes with worgen area: too much killing quests. Goblins have better quests but I cannot stomach them otherwise.

    C out

    • The obvious thing to note is that in a month or so, maybe less, there will only be about five people doing the same quest at the same time at best. It’s actually fairly rare for people’s questing to line up like that; it is only primarily at the beginning of an expansion that so much competition during questing happens. So of course it’s mostly during the beginning of the expansion that people complain that Blizzard should have implemented more server hardware to remove queues and designed quests to support everyone on the server for the first week or two of the expansion, and thus have the game overcompensate for its load for the next two years before the next expansion comes out.

  3. I race changed my Troll Shaman to a Goblin because they are hilarious so I think I was one of only a handful of Goblins swimming around last night. I’m only level 5 on my Worgen Hunter but am enjoying it at the moment. Finally managed to ding 81 but agree with what has been said about the over-crowding. There are three named mobs you are tasked with killing in the first area of Vashj’ir and people are racing each other for them. I actually went and did some mining in OL to try and get it up to the point where I can go to Cata zones to try and cash in. Tradeskills are something I’ve not really bothered with on my Shaman but need to rectify that as I have decided to finally finish Engineering.

  4. If you tag a mob with a single target (non-cast-time) ability, it will actually hit the mob faster than any aoe effect does.

    So what I do, is I lay down DnD and let all the others start their own form of aoe, then you tag the mob, and let the aoe handle em….

  5. I can’t say I had any problems when leveling my Worgen. It’s possibly due to the fact that my server isn’t as busy but I think Blizzard anticipated and handled the crowds quite nicely. In fact, it’s just plain nice to see other people when you’re leveling now 🙂

  6. This is where I mention that nobody’s ninja-ing Cindermaul from you; the quest is bugged. Exit game, delete cache, and profit.

    There’s enough racing it takes a while to figure out you’re not being out-tagged.

    The PvP brew haha sounds great.

  7. The problem I have with the bloody top hat is that combined with the basic dress style, and the accents, it makes everybody look like Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange.


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