[Cataclysm] Gold tips for blacksmiths and miners

Markco invited me to join his gold blogging carnival a few months back and I declined politely, on the ground that I don’t really focus much on making gold so didn’t think I’d have much to suggest that they didn’t all know already.

Today, I’ll make an exception. Some of these may be server specific, but I suspect the general trends are not. These are things I’ve been making good profits on recently – I make no claim for these as long term money makers:

1/ Pyrium Bars – requires maxed mining. Buy two pieces of Pyrite ore, smelt them, put the Pyrium bar on the Auction House at a decent mark up (on my server that’s about 400% at the moment). I presume these sell to alchemists who want to do their profitable Truegold transmute but don’t know anyone who can smelt the pyrite.

2/ Blue PvP gear. The profits on this basically covered the material costs for me levelling blacksmithing from 510-max. In particular, once you have maxed it, buy either the PvP hat or legs recipe and sell those, because most maxed blacksmiths don’t bother. I’ve been selling the PvP legs for 2k gold per piece.

3/ Ebonsteel Belt buckle. Yes, apparently people really will pay stupid prices just for a single extra gem slot. I had originally planned to make a load and undercut heavily but there doesn’t seem much point when I can sell all the ones I make at around 1600g each.

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