Thought/s of the Day: Guild Rep in Cataclysm, and can you have too much of a good thing?

How are you all feeling about the new guild xp/ levelling in Warcraft?

Like any largish, active guild, we’ve been picking up levels at a reasonable pace and are currently somewhere between level 6 and 7, which I think is roughly where most other largish active guilds will be at the moment.

In a smaller guild with an alt, we haven’t quite reached level 2 but that’ll happen soon and people are quite excited about it.

I’ve seen posts wondering if there is any future for smaller guilds if the larger ones will have all the levels and reputation and achievements early. Whilst we’ll all get there in the end, an xp cap designed around active guilds full of high level players can feel overwhelming for a small guild of low level friends just starting out. I suspect strongly that Blizzard will do what they usually do and nerf guild xp in a couple of months or so, after the first rush of larger guilds have gotten to the max, and stopped obsessing about being first.

But one of the perks you get (at level 6 I think) is a 10% bonus to xp. Later on, there are heirlooms that players can buy which will add an extra 15% bonus to any alt who wears them. And if you have Wrath heirlooms too, that could be up to another 20% on top of that. (That makes 45% so far, if anyone is counting.) I think it’s almost guaranteed that there will be another way to get heirlooms in Cataclysm, probably involving badges in a future patch although these will probably be upgrades from the Wrath ones.

So imagine levelling a new alt with up to 45% bonus experience, and possibly rested xp, in a game where people have already commented that it’s easy to level out of a zone just from questing. I guess it’ll be great if you want to just rocket those alts up to max level.

In fact, since heirlooms are usually account bound, if you have one alt in a big guild that’s going to get the levels fast, you could even send the guild stuff to alts in other guilds, Or in other words, if you are big on efficient levelling, it makes sense to level all your alts in a big guild since you can take advantage of the xp and reputation perks without needing any guild rep (gained through instancing, questing, etc). But if efficient levelling was not your goal, then the guild perks might actually work against your playing style.

Another quirk is that you get a fair bit of guild rep from running heroics, and rather little from other sources. So small levelling guilds, even if they do get the levels, may still find that most members are struggling to reach revered or higher and buy the more desirable perks.

I’d say: nice try on the guild levelling. It still ended up being more tilted towards larger active endgame guilds, and I think a tweak to guild reputation earning would help more casual players a lot. There’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to have high rep with their own guild if they’re committed to it.

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day


(Oops, can’t remember if I’ve used these shots before.) These are a couple of pictures from Uldum, the Egyptian themed zone. It’s rather lovely. And … yes, camels.

7 thoughts on “Thought/s of the Day: Guild Rep in Cataclysm, and can you have too much of a good thing?

  1. What I find interesting is the difference between how a guild, as a whole, obtains experience and increases in level versus the seemingly slow pace at which I as a player get rep with my guild.

    I just barely cracked Honored with them and nobody can accuse me of not being active. I think it may be because I’m not a big quester, once I reach 85. I do my TB dailies and my Therazane dailies (I will soon, I promise). But, I can’t say I’m in a big hurry to go clear out Twilight Highlands (which I never even visited, save for discovering the Tol Barad entrance and doing the CoC).

    It would be nice if the two kind of synced up a bit better, but that’s just me.


    • It’s not just you, it felt weird to me too. I’m plenty active, but it feels as though Blizzard think running heroics should give more guild rep than whatever it is I’m doing.

      I suspect many guild leaders would reward things like organising guild events, being generally a good egg and so on. But the only way they can do that is via guild ranks which Blizzard have now made largely meaningless as a measure of guild seniority/ rep.

      • It’s worth noting that there is a weekly reputation cap – somewhere on the order of 3500 – 4000 per week. I’ve never had trouble reaching that cap in the course of a week with about 10 dailies, a few quests, and a handful of Heroic dungeons. They removed the spam that says you’ve hit this cap, but it’s still in place and, as such, almost everyone is entering Honored this week (4000×2 would put someone at 5000/6000 to honored, then the third week hit and we all move into 3000/12000 revered).

        There was a small glitch on the very first day where the limit could be reset by changing zones; I hit the first cap at 500/6000 to honored, moved from Hyjal to Vashj’ir, and was able to get all the way to 4000/6000 in that first week. So I was one of the “leaders” in guild rep for my guild, but not by much.

        The pacing overall has been a little tough. We’re an old 10-strict guild now just running 10’s, so our roster is small. However, a lot of our casuals have come back to enjoy the new content and, thus, we’ve never missed capping out our experience on a given day. I imagine we might flag behind a bit as more time passes, aside from raid nights where we rake in lots for dropping these bosses. Spoiler: they’re tough.

  2. Oooh, I think I recognise the quest in progress in the 1st screenshot…. ‘Tis the appallingly named “Camel Tow”. I hope no young ‘uns try to google it’s “pop culture” reference, it may scar them for life ;p

  3. I don’t like it at all. I maintain that incentivizing socialization isn’t the way to make strong guilds. It makes for great bands of mercenaries, but little in the way of true camaraderie. People have to want to *play* together, not use each other for better rewards.

    A thought on the heirlooms, though; maybe someone who is actually using them doesn’t mind the acceleration in the first place? I mean, isn’t that the point of using them and other assorted boosters, to get to the endgame? Since you are almost required to have a high level character and/or plenty of grinding time in for the guild rep gear, it seems to me that worrying about the pace of leveling for those with heirlooms is kinda misplaced.

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