Happy New Year Goblin Money Making Tip

I laughed when Arbitrary told me how she’d been making money on her goblin, and suggested this post for Markco’s gold blogging carnival just to share it. Goblins have a racial bonus that lets them get large discounts from NPC vendors …

Arb says:

“Goblin racial discount ROCKS. I offered to buy expensive components for guildmates for a percentage (I’m on a RP server, goblin greed has gone to my head, I would NEVER charge anyone for buying something from an NPC, but they played along!)”

She’s been getting a cut for helping one of our alchemists by buying expensive components for vials of the sands. He has even started advertising that he’ll arrange for a goblin to buy the components as part of the whole service πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year Goblin Money Making Tip

    • hehe, to be fair when it came down to it I didn’t charge him, but he gave me a fairly hefty tip anyway πŸ™‚

      Lord Sugar is a failed goblin.. I’d say Theo P. from Dragon;s Den is more of a goblin entrepreneur.

  1. I foresee two things happening PDQ:

    1) Every Horde crafter rolls a goblin alt to buy their components for them.

    2) There is a loud outpouring of angst that this is a nerf and a slap in the face – not only from Alliance, but from every Horde player who has already filled all of their character slots.

    WoW players – making mountains out of molehills almost as long as goblins have been making gold out of opportunities πŸ™‚

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