Question of the Day: How many mounts do you really need?

In comments on yesterday’s post, Theladas wrote:

Titles and tabards and mounts from achievements are just as permanent as they were

Which is true, of course. But does leave me wondering how many titles and tabards and mounts a character really needs. For me, once I have found one that I like, I’m not in a hurry to change it. Mechanically, in WoW, they’re all similar.

For example, I always loved the undead skeleton horse mount that forsaken get as a racial mount, from the first time I saw it. For me, Blizzard have never made a cooler ground mount. So I have no real interest in getting a different one. You can compare this with a more vehicle based game like EVE or Pirates of the Burning Sea, where you probably will want lots of ships because each one is good at different types of gameplay.

Cosmetic gear is in a similar bind. Not everyone wants to keep changing their costumes, some people are happy once they have one. Or in other words, it’s nice to have lots of choices – but what happens after you have made your choice?


23 thoughts on “Question of the Day: How many mounts do you really need?

  1. I like having a handful of favorites to rotate through. The mechno-hog is really fun, but I like the frostwolf howler, too.

    Which pets I want out will change with mood, what I’m doing and where I’m at. Although the Singing Sunflower and Li’l Ragnaros are almost always welcome. 🙂

  2. as it happens, you need at least three – if not four – mounts on your way to the level cap. That’s due to the riding skill limitations. Which sucks, as there is no actual continuation in the mounts themselves.

    Namely slow ground mount – fast ground mount – slow flying mount – fast flying mount. And in addition to that, the skills with the added “cold weather flying” and “fligth master” skills for Northrend and Azeroth.

    I agree with you, it’s one of those stupid concepts in WoW, a relic from the past which gives pleasure, sense of accomplishment and entitlement to those who pursues these avenues of collection. Which seems to be Blizzards concept of having fun content at the level cap.

    C out

    • I wouldn’t go as far as stupid, since lots of people seem to like collecting them. And if they put in one that actually was cooler than one you have now, you might think about whether you’d grind to get it. But I’m not sure how well it works for me as meaningful progression.

    • Given all the websites associated with collecting anything collectible in WoW, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to spend a portion of development time on. It’s not a huge drain on my enjoyment, and a couple of the models are things I really enjoy.

      Also, Cataclysm has outdated your 4-mount progression view. Mounts now scale with your riding skill, so the only required progression is getting a flying mount @level 60. Training up your ability to ride as you level seems reasonable, as just about every other skill in this game also improves with level.

      I personally get very attached to certain vehicles. I loved my engineering gyrocopter thing to death in TBC, and earning my Red Proto in WotLK felt awesome – I finally had a flying mount that looked like it fit my Tauren! All the more reason why I don’t see this lack of permanency in the game at present – stuff that I care about persists, from my collection of shiny shields to my first 100% speed Kodo.

      • I think this is kind of where I’m coming from. Once I’m attached to a mount, I really don’t feel much urge to collect any more or to use them even if I did.

        I was curious if anyone else finds cosmetic items tail off in interest after you have one you like.

        And as for pets, I have no issue with them but I very rarely actually remember to get mine out. I don’t see that many in Orgrimmar either (unless a new one has just come out or it’s xmas) so I’m guessing a lot of people like collecting them but aren’t interested in using them.

    • The mount rules have changed a bit in Cataclysm, so you could conceivably get by with a single mount (regardless of class.)

      Ground mounts now go as fast as your fastest ground riding speed. You can keep the same mount from level 20 through 60. It’s just “a ground mount.”

      The same rules apply for the various flying mounts – one mount takes you from 60-85 in terms of speed.

      There are a few mounts that serve as both ground and air mounts – the Headless Horseman’s mount, the Flying Machines from Engineering, the Flying Carpets from Tailoring – and the Sparkle Pony.

      Surprisingly, the Celestial Steed turns out to be the most versatile mount in the game. It’s the only one you can ride all the way from 20 to 85 without purchasing another mount.

      Otherwise, you can buy a ground mount at 20 and a flying mount at 60 and be done with it.

      • I do agree with you about the sparkle pony, all things considered, it’s really not bad value for money if you are planning to play for awhile, especially since all your alts can have one.

  3. In theory one. In practise, I hear many people love to change their mounts. I really don’t, I have my 2 favs and stick to them.
    But then I like to collect companion pets and there it’s the moar the better for me! 😉
    Also: randomize macro ftw.

  4. Two. One if you skip Vash’jr. Druids rock. 😉

    I still occasionallly feel badly for having rolled on a bronze proto-drake. I might use it once a week in SW just outta guilt. I think I have four mounts total, including the seahorse and drake.

  5. I really only ‘need’ a few mounts. Mammoth, black war tiger, white gryphon, and occasionally I like a helicopter.
    A boring person could argue that the war tiger and helicopter are excessive, but what’s the point of a 3D RPG if you don’t look good?

  6. Oh man. I am an AVID pet collector (I have 152) and have paid money for several of them. And yet, my favorite pet on my main, the pet I generally have out, is still Whiskers, who was one of my first pets I got. Maybe it’s because I’ve had him out so long, maybe it’s the absurdity of this little rat chasing a kitty/bear around, maybe it’s that he’s such an active non-combat pet, I don’t know.

    With mounts, between having flight form and winning a Spectral Tiger at Blizzcon in 2009, I haven’t bought that many. I bought the kitties because I like them….and every other mount has been a drop/gift.

    To answer your question, I really only need 1 mount and 1 pet. Yet, much like in Pokemon, I also want to catch all the non-combat pets I can. Some I admit, I collected to have or to reach 50/75 on my alts, not because I wanted them.

    I’m sure there are people who would argue the same for mounts. Collecting the elekks or mechastriders or whatever wasn’t important – getting to 50 or 100 mounts was.

  7. How many mounts do you really need is a good question, the obvious answer for most people would be 4; a riding mount, epic riding, flying, and epic flying mount.

    The one thing I know for sure though, a variety with a cast random macro is never a bad thing. I know when I was leveling archeology and working on getting a couple specific items, I got real sick of seeing the same flying mount, so I just put a handful in a cast random macro to keep it fresh.

  8. It’s more a question of how many mounts I can conceivably use. I admit it, I have characters on which I love collecting mounts and pets. The problem is that ground mounts are now wholly useless once you hit 60, since you can fly everywhere, and pets require some thought to get out in the first place.

  9. I have over 110 mounts, and I still want more. I enjoy mount collecting, especially unique mounts. Right now, the twilight drake is my favorite air mount as its particularly relevant to the current content.

  10. I’ve never cared much about mounts. Black Iguanas that sit on my shoulder, however, are a completely different story!

  11. “it’s nice to have lots of choices – but what happens after you have made your choice?”

    You play and have fun with what you have, instead of being forever frustrated at not having what you wanted. 😉

  12. I like the different mounts. Sure…I only need two, but I love the different looks and feels. (Of course, my favourite flying mount will ALWAYS be the broom…with a close second being the phoenix).

    So yes, I collect mounts. I have farmed for months to get certain mounts…the Ashes of A’lar (which I don’t have) and Baron Rivendare’s (which I finally got).

    Collecting doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s a nice whimsy. Tabards annoy me however. They take up too much space in my bank!

  13. I collect enough for the achievements. I don’t care too much about pets, but sometimes I’ll remember that some of them do something interesting and I’ll pull it out.

    I collected enough tabards for the Tabard of the Achiever. I vendored all of the tabards which can be bought again from the vendor.

    As for mounts, I like to have something visually unique when I compare myself to other people. I don’t have the 100 mount achievement yet, but I plan on slowly working towards that one. I still don’t have the 50 one either, but I’ve saved up a few hundred Argent Tokens and have unlocked the rep to buy a whole slew when I know I have enough to go straight for 100.

    I currently ride the White Polar Bear as often as I can since it’s very uncommon on my server. I use the Ulduar 25 drake as my flyer just because so many people have the 10man version of the ICC and Ulduar drakes.

    This only applies to my main. My alts get Kodos for ground mounts and use the basic wyvern that looks like the one we taxi around on as lowbies.

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