[Cataclysm] Raiding Update with Bulletpoints

1. Good week for my raid group, we’ve knocked over Magmaw, Omnomtrom, and Halfus Wyrmbane in 25 man mode! Hurrah! (My kill of Halfus was in 10 man mode last week but I don’t think you can tell that from the Armoury feed.)

2. Still behind the ferals, rogues, death knights and enhancement shaman on the dps meters. Boo! I won’t keep droning on about this but it’s demoralising to be so far behind.

3. I’m not sure how I feel about the raid encounters I have seen so far. These are the introductory raid encounters for the expansion, and they’ve been fun enough on the whole. Omnitron has been the more fun of the fights for me, but it really is quite complex for an entry raid encounter.

My greatest beef with the content is that Blizzard could have made the interrupting job on Halfus much easier if they’d signalled his casts with better graphics. It reminds me of Vezax in Ulduar, but with that latter boss, the spells you had to interrupt were very very easy to spot, you couldn’t really miss them. With this one you have to squint at the cast bar.

Halfus also seems to have acquired the lion’s share of the raid trash. Wonder what he bribed them with.

4. I wonder how long before Vengeance gets nerfed (or warriors do). We tanked Halfus in 10 man with two warrior tanks, each of whom had Vigilance on each other. Hellooooo 90k shield slam crit.

Sorry for a brief post. Anyone else have any thoughts on the Cataclysm raids so far?

9 thoughts on “[Cataclysm] Raiding Update with Bulletpoints

  1. I’ve just killed Magmaw so far, although I’ve had a crack at Wyrmbreaker.

    I’m impressed with the design of those fights though. It bodes well for the rest of the bosses.

  2. Grats! always fun for new stuff.

    We’ve downed Magmaw, Omnitron, Halfus and The Double Dragons on 25 man, with those plus Conclave and Atremedes with Maloriak at 10% on 10 man(Oh, Ascendant Council was good progress as well-p3. Too many melee, though. Yes, sadly, rumors are true; take more than minimal melee in this fight and in comes the pain.) I’ve tanked all but Atremedes, Halfus and Dragons and DPS’d all but Conclave and Maloriak. Anyone who said tanking wasn’t fun this expac is lying. It’s great fun(I had more fun tanking Omnitron than I did DPSing it.)

    I’ve been placing around 5th-7th on the meters average(in 25) though I typically have a lot of jobs(one of the chainers on Magmaw, P1 official gong person on Atremedes), and these fights are mostly not DPS races at all. Looking at things and doing napkin math I don’t see our buffs really doing huge things to our numbers; the best I see is us being a bit more even with other hybrids(which is good), but below pures(as well we should be, and any other hybrid. Yes, I’m a hybrid that waves the flag for my pure brethren.) Speaking of vengeance, on a twist, I placed 4th on 10 man Maloriak. :p I’m typically 3rd in a 10 man as my DPS spec. I can’t say about nerfing though, as I am starting to think these fights are tuned toward tanks actually putting out numbers. (We actually found that except for a couple of the real tight DPS races-Halfus, Maloriak-the answer if we’re having trouble is throw more tanks or healers at it, and we do fine. It’s no longer ‘throw more DPS at it.’)

    If you think interrupting is bad on Halfus, wait until Maloriak, where one screwed up add interrupt at the wrong time can force a reset or cause a wipe. Oh yeah, it has a cast time so short you need a Tongues or Slow on the boss. (I had to tank him *and* interrupt the add phase. No stress there.)

    • (PS: I understand my pov of pures of equal gear and skill being a little above hybrids makes me kind of unpopular in the hybrid circles, a few thinking me a hybrid traitor. I guess I can’t help it-it’s just the thoughts I have. In my perfect game, every class would be a hybrid of SOME kind.)

      • Hee. I don’t think you’re a traitor, I just think the main thing is that a raid leader shouldn’t have to care about how many of their dps are hybrid classes and how many aren’t, because it leads to raid stacking.

        So as long as they’re close enough in dps that it doesn’t matter for raids, I don’t think a 5% gap is necessary. Just treat them all the same 😉

      • I think that’s part of the reason my ideal setup is either A. Strict classes, or B. Everyone’s a hybrid in some way. With strict classes(ie, class X and Y tank, class A B and C heal, etc), you KNOW what you’re getting when you sign the paper so to speak. In Aion, for example, if you want to do the highest damage, you pick the blasty class or the roguey class. Case closed, just pick which method you prefer, and I actually think there is some benefits to a strict system like this.

        With ‘everyone’s a hybrid’, everyone can basically be fairly equal(making sure that all the classes have some tricks they can pull off), with player skill/knowledge being the big dividing point, and you just basically pick what kinda hybrid you want.

        Either way I think runs into less problems. On the other hand, the strict class system runs into issues when tuning fights since said fights probably assume you have X number of this, Y number of that, etc. But at least there aren’t hybrids left feeling grumbly and pures left feeling grumbly that the hybrids are QQing. ;D

    • If you think interrupting is bad on Halfus, wait until Maloriak, where one screwed up add interrupt at the wrong time can force a reset or cause a wipe. Oh yeah, it has a cast time so short you need a Tongues or Slow on the boss. (I had to tank him *and* interrupt the add phase. No stress there.)

      That is so painful! The cast time of 1 sec is really too short. And no visuals either. This is the most disgusting thing I have seen so far.

      • Best tip I can give; have an Arcane Mage or Warlock. (Yes, so much for ‘bring the player’). He is affected by Curse of Tongues and its ilk. Our Warlock was using Tongues during interrupts and actually swapping the curse to the damage curse when necessary due to the short enrage(our mage was Fire due to the obscene amount of AoE you need in the add phase.) And yeah-no visuals though DBM does honk at you(by the time he actually says something it’s too late.)

        It’s a really neat fight but it’s VERY tight in many respects, I found. Will have to try the add delay method. One thing I actually DO like about the fight is that there are several ways to approach it. Oh, most involve obscene AoE during green phase but there are several ways to get around.

  3. I’d have to say that all of the normal mode content has been fairly well balanced so far. (Excluding gimmicks which allow certain specs to pad the meters.) I do like that certain phases of the fights rest more heavily on the shoulders of different roles. (Eg: HM Halfus – Tanks and healers must cycle cooldowns to ensure the raid outlasts the downing of the first two drakes. Interrupter on Halfus must interrupt every Shadow Nova without fail. Nef – Offtank must kite adds very well in phases 1 and 3. Phase two interrupters must not miss a single one. Cooldowns need to be cycled for Crackles.)

    Argaloth and Chimaeron are as close as we’re going to get to dps benchmarks. There’s no gimmick giving anyone more of an advantage than the next person (though getting a nice spot close to the stacking point for Feuds helps minimize dps loss).

    Azaael mentioned interrupts on Maloriak. While important, for your first two kills, you may wish to delay the adds as much as possible. You’ll eventually progress to the point where you just let all the add casts go off and burning them all down in the green phase.

  4. I found Halfus to be fun! I like how the fight is always different every time. I never know what I’ll get to do that night. Do I get to AoE? Am I on interrupt duty? PLEASE LET ME PESTILENCE! *cough* But yes, it’s fun.

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