Diablo III for 2012? And more on social games.

I was talking to a friend last night about Diablo 3 and when it might be out. “We haven’t heard anything yet,” I said optimistically, “So maybe towards the end of this year.”

Apparently Activision haven’t heard anything about this recently either. RPS reports that they are predicting a release in 2012 because Blizzard haven’t mentioned a release this year to them yet. As John says in the link, it does make you wonder about the relationship between Activision and Blizzard.

Still, maybe by the time Blizzcon 2011 rolls around in October, they’ll deign to tell us a bit more about it. Other games likely to feature in this year’s Blizzcon are the next SC2 expansion, and hopefully more information about Blizzard’s next MMO and maybe the next WoW expansion as well. Should be busy.

Excuse me, I have to go cry my eyes out in a corner somewhere. OK, back now! Think brave thoughts about Dragon Age 2 and The Old Republic and ((insert forthcoming 2011 game of your choice)), chums!

Facebook games that beg/ plead/ cajole/ threaten you to tell your friends

This is an unrelated link that caught my eye since I haven’t written much about Facebook games recently. Sociological Images writer Lisa Wade describes (with graphics) why Zynga’s new hit Cityville is more annoying than ever.

So they still haven’t really cracked that, “Let’s make a fun game that doesn’t annoy everyone,” idea yet. But then, zillions of people play the darned thing so presumably it either doesn’t annoy them or else it annoys them into playing it.

3 thoughts on “Diablo III for 2012? And more on social games.

  1. I might have my time lines wrong, but didn’t the announce D3 before they announced SC2?

    I really hope they get D3 out this year. I could really use a game like that for venting frustration/stress!


    I was going to stay away from DA2, mainly because I had a hard time continuing DA1 (some of that my fault for restarting over and over to see the different character stories), but since I heard it should be more like Mass Effect (in that the main character isn’t as generated), I think I might actually pick it up.

    Facebook games do not interest me.

  2. Does not sound like a very exciting year for Blizzard to me then. Blizzcon might be exciting , but it implies -nothing- will be released this year.

    I am trying to remember whether Blizzard actually ever had a year where they released -nothing- [no expansion or game] ?

    ..and if they did, how did that work out for them? I don’t see much happening on the WoW-front this year, other than general updates [or are they speeding this up?] .

  3. I’ve recently read somewhere (I believe it was in a gaming magazine) that SwtOR has been delayed as well, unfortunately, that would be at least 2012 if memory serves 😦

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