A birthday party and cosmetic clothing in WoW

My guild in WoW had it’s sixth birthday last weekend – that takes it back to approximately the EU opening day on a day 1 server. (A day 1 server means one of the original WoW servers that was opened when the game was launched.)

Sounds like a good excuse for a party!


So we headed up to Gallywix’s pleasure palace in Azshara, and the fireworks/ dancing/ cakes/ feasts commenced. You can just about see the cake (it’s pink) and the fish feast in the screenshot above.

For all people have asked for cosmetic clothing to be included in WoW, there is actually plenty of RP-type dressing up equipment and toys to amuse players already in the game.  The idea of cosmetic clothing (ie. what is being requested) is that the clothing you wear doesn’t need to match the drops you are wearing for stats so if you want to go into battle dressed in your smartest tuxedo and dress trousers, you can.

Even better would be a LOTRO-style wardrobe so that we could store cosmetic gear without it taking room in our bags.

But for a party or RP event, you won’t need your battle gear anyway, and it’s a great excuse for people to raid their bank vaults and see what they can find. Most of the festivals now offer cosmetic clothing rewards, many vendors in the main cities do too, and even some of the old crafted gear or drops can add a good ‘look’ to an outfit.

As well as this, there are the various Xmas gifts such as the mini tanks and zeppelins to play with, not to mention the inevitable train set, train destroyer and that dratted flute that makes everyone dance.

And that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. We have toy rideable tigers, spotlights from the heavens, items that change your appearance to look like a dark iron dwarf, darkspear troll, or player from a different faction, and more!


So actually, if we just had more excuses to hang out socially in game, there are plenty of interesting things in WoW to do or wear. Which begs the question, if they can stick a cool pleasure palace in Azhara, what about a funky meeting place in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, where people are more likely to hang out?

Or in fact, how could they support people spreading out a bit more in the world when they’re mostly just waiting around anyway? Mostly the reason I stick to Orgrimmar is for the chat and possible AH/ bank access. being able to portal to the new zones is fine but unless I’m on a herbing/ mining run I’m not going to spend time there, plus via guild perks I now have a fairly frequent port back to Org anyway. Extending trade and general chat to be worldwide would be one possibility to spread people out, or at least add extra hubs around potential world hangouts. Adding more auction houses and banks or easier access via minions or guild perks is another.

And the basic one? Just put a player finder tool in that can return how many players (above a base number, say 6 so that it’s more than one group) are present in any hangout. Roleplayers would enjoy this, especially if you could mark yourself for RP and the tool could pick it up too.

But we were too busy partying like it’s 2019 to bother with all that. Instead, bored of Aszhara, we went for a collective skinny dip in the Sunwell.


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