Prepare to be boarded!

Amidst a sea of feverish dreams, I have a vague memory of having completed a very silly quest line in Pirates of the Burning Sea all to do with your own true love. And a spool through my screenshot archive proves that it really happened … (incidentally you are free to pick male or female love interests) with some example quest text.


Perhaps disappointingly, and giving a prime example of why romantic(?) storytelling and quest based MMOs don’t work, his book suggested using violin playing skills to distract the watchful brother/ sister while you flirted with your object of desire.

In practice this involves

  • /fiddle tariq
  • ((run quickly upstairs))
  • /flirt malika
  • /flirt malika
  • /flirt malika

I don’t know about you but … yeah somewhere in there, the feeling is gone. Still, fair play to Flying Lab, campy carry-on romance plots do seem to fit very well in the pirates/ Caribbean setting.

6 thoughts on “Prepare to be boarded!

  1. The /violin emote from WoW (you play the world’s smallest violin for Tariq) might be more apt if you’ve gotten his kid sister pregnant and are setting sail for distant shores with the next tide.

  2. Wow, an Errol Flynn reference; I wouldn’t expect that in a game.
    To be honest, I’m always embarrassed about pursuing this kind of thing in a game. Nothing great about your wife being across the desk from you while your Mass Effect toon tells one of their coworkers “I’d like to get to know you better…” I experience enough shame in my love life; I don’t need video games adding to it.
    Cute post (:

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