Rift: Small objects of desire (and dragon age 2 links)


Sadly, flu has gotten in the way of gaming this week (boo!) but I have had a bit of time on Rift. And one thing I realise is that sometimes it’s the small things – the new hat, the new mount – that really pull a character together.

Words cannot express how much I love this hood in the left hand picture. A mage with a hood like that and carrying a big staff looks wise and stuff, as though they might know the secrets of the universe. That’s what I want in my mage!

The stripey antelope mount is also delightful. It has this whippet thin, athletic and yet alien look to it which makes it very convincing as a mount. I also like the way my character is seated on the saddle, again it looks convincing to me.

In other news, I ran my first instance in Rift this week thanks to Arb and other players in the guild. Arb did a super job of tanking it, I was healing via my Chloromancer spec which was mostly fine but seems to lack some spike healing punch when you really need it. I think it’ll work out fine with more practice, and people were happy to have a Chloro around. The actual spec is quite fun, it has that shadow priest feel where you’re mostly healing via doing damage but you do have some specialist heals, channels, and utility spells (ie. to cause a mob to heal the next player it attacks rather than damage them) to pad it out which makes the Chloromancer rather interesting to play. I don’t find healing in PvP as much fun as CC in this game – you just don’t get the sense of making as much difference as a healer which is odd but there you go.

I’m also still really enjoying the Warlock as a primary damage/ soloing spec. Being able to switch life into mana, and charge into life/ damage just gives a nice amount of flexibility if things go a bit pear shaped.

More on Dragon Age 2

Oh yeah, and because it’s DA2 week and I’m over excited here are a couple of links:

PC Gamer review of Dragon Age 2

Interview with lead writer and designer of DA2

9 thoughts on “Rift: Small objects of desire (and dragon age 2 links)

  1. Totally agree with you about the mage and the hood! I have the same ‘ideal’ of a mage as you, it seems.

    This urges me to put up a new role/soul set centering around Chloro, though I enjoy immensely the not-so-popular Pyro/Ele/Archon set I have.

    C out

  2. I’ve written about my rift mage last week and I absolutely love love love her! 🙂 not just the entire looks but the powerful fire animations of pyro. Storm looks really great too.
    I’ve been in the first 2 instances now and both played very smoothly in a pug – DM is a lot trickier though than IT which agrees with me. all in all the game is great so far and I’m still waiting for some major letdown..

    DA2 looks great but I doubt I have the time now, hah.

  3. @Copra — I too love the Pyro/Ele/Archon build, but in a rift or during a boss battle I tend to be out of mana in a hurry. Same with my SC/Ele/Dom, for that matter. As a result, for a boss fight I prefer to have some build with 6 points of warlock in it so I can eat my health for mana (and hopefully an AE healer is in group) or 8 points in necro so I can eat my pet for power. Or both, in the case of my necrolock build. . . .

    TBH, I find the “Chlorlock” build to be pretty damn awesome for the long fights — I heal, dps, and I have endless mana to boot since I’m healing myself from the SL:M.

  4. I tried Rift in the open beta and quite liked it. My husband has gone on to buy the actual game and seems to be enjoying it – but he barely ever sees any other people in it. Most Rifts he encounters he ends up doing himself (if possible). That emptiness is putting me off trying the game now, I must admit.

    • Really? I can’t travel 10 feet without tripping over another player. Groups are easy to find for the few heroic quests. Requests in level chat for dungeon groups usually fill up in seconds. Perhaps he should try re-rolling on a busier server?

      • Also, he should make sure he’s playing close to peak hours. Any MMO will be a ghost town at 5 am. WoW, for example, has a 5-to-1 swing in activity between the daily peak and daily trough.

    • I can’t agree with that at all. On our shard, Argent-EU, it’s quite busy most days, especially in peak times. Unless I play in the morning, there’s always plenty of people questing, exploring or running rifts.

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