Valve does that gamification thing RIGHT

cube ardyn@flickr

Anyone out there looking forwards to playing Portal 2? Been following the Valve ARG/ countdown?

Then you’ll know that when the timer was up, a new timer started and players were encouraged to help GladOS boot up more quickly by .. playing games. Not any old game, but specific ones, from Steam.

Here is Kotaku’s take on the whole thing. Is it just a big marketing scam to encourage punters to buy the Potato Sack bundle of indie games? Well, yes and no. You see, if you already own any of those fine games on Steam and boot it up, you’ll see that you have been given a free extra Portal themed level.

I don’t even want to buy Portal 2 on release (as I said in the last post, I can wait a few months) but I have been happily trying out my free Portal levels in Audiosurf and Defense Grid Awakening, both of which I picked up ridiculously cheap in Steam sales of the past.

Haven’t earned any potatoes yet (I think) but it was fun, they’re both cool games that I hadn’t played in awhile, and I’m charmed at the free stuff, and I’m now following the release schedule for a game I have/ had no intention of buying. As far as gamification goes, you have to be impressed.

I think Valve have done a cracking job with this one, even though I can see how if you didn’t own any of the (awesome!) indie games in the pack, you might feel pressured. Plus it isn’t as if they weren’t going to release Portal 2 anyway – it really isn’t required for anyone to play these games unless they want to.


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