SOE joins Sony security-breach party, legendary weapons – good or bad?, and why can’t we have more villains like Loki?


Yes, another day, another gratuitous Thor link/screenshot. (ps. I loved this film.)

Tom Hiddleston’s turn as Loki is probably one of the best things about Thor, and this is where (after Marvel et al screwed up Doctor Doom in the Fantastic 4 films) we finally get to see a proper charismatic personal nemesis with some emotional depth and an agenda of their own in action as a supervillain. He’s also remarkably sympathetic even when at his most evil.

And this makes me wonder whether the next step after personal companions in MMOs will be the personal nemesis. Champions Online did make use of this idea but I was never able to figure out whether they’d actually managed to implement villains you’d love to hate as opposed to just recurring (and annoying) NPCs.

It also reminded me of why WoW just wasn’t ever going to be the same after Arthas died in Wrath. Maybe he was never going to quite be a /personal/ nemesis but he hit the right notes of being personal to many characters backgrounds (definitely so if you played forsaken like me), emotionally flawed, occasionally sympathetic if you rolled that way, etc. He was Warcraft’s Loki and no enormous dragon can replace that, however badass.

On another (but related) note, I saw a mage in Rift with a helm that looks just like Loki’s in the film, gonzo horns and all. It must be mine.

Another WoW expansion, another legendary weapon

One of the new parts of upcoming patch 4.2 is a new legendary weapon in Warcraft. If you are one of the two readers who doesn’t know, legendaries have become part of the WoW scene since vanilla, are class/ role specific and are always associated in part with raid achievements.

This time around the legendary is a caster staff which in addition to having good stats, will also let the user turn into a blue dragon (a nice perk). And of course, although it takes a whole guild to achieve a legendary, only one person can wield it.

This is also the first time that a 10 man raid will have been able to complete a legendary item. And with the increasing emphasis on guild achievements and rewards (your guild mates get a new non-combat pet when the legendary is completed) I wonder how many people are re-evaluating how well the group rewards compare to the individual rewards.

More and more the legendary is looking less like a perk for the raid team and more like a reward for being able to persuade 9 saps into helping you get a neato item. It’s a very different landscape from the time when helping your tank put together a Thunderfury would actively and clearly be a boon to your entire raid effort for the rest of the expansion. It will be interesting to see how much of the legendary can theoretically be put together solo, assuming access to PUG raids.

Having said that, it sounds as though there’s plenty of cool lore behind the legendary quest/s which hopefully the rest of the team should be able to experience also. Obviously only raid teams which have cleared the whole of the first tier content are invited, so that excludes the majority of players.

Bad luck, SOE players/ subscribers

Just in case anyone thought that SOE players (eg. EQ2. Vanguard, Free Realms, PotBS) had dodged the Sony information leaking bullet following the PSN disaster, think again.

All the SOE/Station sites were taken down for a while over the weekend and then returned with a security notice:

We are today advising you that the personal information you provided us in connection with your SOE account may have been stolen in a cyber-attack. Stolen information includes, to the extent you provided it to us, the following: name, address (city, state, zip, country), email address, gender, birthdate, phone number, login name and hashed password.”

I’d change my credit card also.

5 thoughts on “SOE joins Sony security-breach party, legendary weapons – good or bad?, and why can’t we have more villains like Loki?

  1. I do think that it would be cool if the legendary provided some sort of buff for the raid. Be as good or slightly nicer than other caster staffs but give some nice but not vital bonus. Likea huge manatide, raid damage wall or a second Blood lust on a seperate cool down.

    Or even just a non combat buff like mage table, warlock cookies and raid cauldrons all cast at a click of a button.

    Something for the guild other than the achievment.

    • “Likea huge manatide, raid damage wall or a second Blood lust on a seperate cool down.”

      I suspect this would quickly become considered vital by progression minded guilds 🙂

      I don’t really know what I’d suggest but it’s starting to feel like a fairly old fashioned design element to me. Esp in these days where people often have dual roles. Frex, I never would have been bothered to go for Shadowmourne but because I mostly tanked in raids, there’s no way my guild would ever have assigned it to me anyway. And I’m still sad that none of our healers were able to get the legendary healer mace, because god knows you all deserved it.

  2. I appreciate that Legendary items are cool, but they are also huge “drama magnets.” It doesn’t matter how hardcore or casual your guild is. If you are in a position to pursue one of these items (and due to the changes in raiding, this one will be the most ‘accessible’ ever) it is going to cause contention in your guild. Who gets it? Who deserves it? Who would benefit most from it? Before you embark on assembling it, you need to make sure you have a concrete (and public) plan for deciding who will get it. And even then, be prepared for the backlash from those who think they deserve it but weren’t selected.

    Oh, and I’m really glad I only used pre-paid cards to buy stuff on the PSN. Never gave them my credit card info to begin with. Talk about the definition of an “epic fail,” Sony.

  3. N00b q:

    “And of course, although it takes a whole guild to achieve a legendary, only one person can wield it.”

    What makes you say only one can wield it? Seems if you go through the progression, multiple guild members could have it, right? Or is this “Binds to guild”? Will this cause some in-guild dissension and splitting?

    • The way legendary weapons have worked in the past, the guild nominated one person to get the weapon. And it was soulbound to them (like any other raid drop would be).

      There used to be TONS of guild drama if your legendary weapon holder skipped guilds because they’d take the weapon with them.

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