Comic Con (and holidays)

Arbitrary and I are off to San Diego Comic Con next week, which means posting is going to be on the quiet side until we get back (this does depend a bit on wifi accessibility and if my Eee holds up.)

On the one hand, this gives you all a chance for a break!

On the other, we’re hoping to get some good gaming (and geeking) in to write about when we get back, including a first hand look at both SWTOR and GW2. Bioware and Arenanet are both going to be running demos at the con, as well as panels during the convention.

Since I don’t go to California often (read: this will be the first time I’ve been there other than changing planes at LAX), is there anything else we should do or try while we’re out there if we have time?

Also, the schedule is here and we’re open to suggestions if anyone is desperate for a writeup on any specific panel.  (Confusingly, their ‘gaming track’ seems to be all about playing card games, with no mention of any other sorts of  games at all.)


5 thoughts on “Comic Con (and holidays)

  1. I have one suggestion that you simply must do – and it’s absolutely free! Take a break one evening from the con floor, and follow 8 west until you get to Pt. Loma. In Pt. Loma follow the signs down to the Cabrillio Nat’l Monument. You’ll pass a beautiful nat’l cemetary which is also worth a walk through. But your destination is the lighthouse – drive down to the light house, get out, and follow the paths to the cliffs.

    Breath deep, standing on the western most point of the US and gaze out over the vast expanse that is the Pacific Ocean. You owe it to your soul do to this. 🙂

    Have a great time in San Diego and comiccon.


  2. We don’t drive, or have a car – sadly. But maybe something we could arrange a cab for. I’ll have a look at the public transport maps etc.

    We’re spending one day in the zoo, since in 3 years of Comic Con, this will be my first time with a spare full day. But we also have a semi-empty day the next day, before the Con starts, and scenic views sound nice.

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