[WoW] Those awkward moments


Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words … and other times it needs a little explanation.

Last week, we were mulling around in guild groups after having (somehow!) won a Tol Barad battle, and the suggestion was made that we go chill out in an older raid instance. One of my guildies had a key for Algalon’s chamber in Ulduar so off we went to beat up the titans messenger and get a spiffy new title for people.

By the way, anyone who considers themselves to be a ‘Wrath Baby’ can properly feel old now – we had people in the raid who didn’t know where Ulduar was or how to get there.

Now the Algalon encounter has a lot of lore (read: cut scene) attached to it, and after you beat him in combat, you get to go back to Dalaran and report back to Rhonin, the leader of the Dalaran mages. He then leaves his violet citadel and takes you on a walk through the streets of Dalaran to activate a magical beacon.

In this screenshot, you can see that when our bunch of raggamuffin hordies showed up with the NPC, a couple of alliance chicks were enjoying a quiet chat (ERP? you be the judge) on the base of the beacon. What they thought when the NPC marched straight up to them and started talking about how deviate the planet was I do not know …

3 thoughts on “[WoW] Those awkward moments

  1. Haha, you basically made the night a little more special for these guys!
    Well, WoW sure ain’t loaded with opportunities such as this, lucky them.
    I remember how I reacted when the sky changed color for the first time over Dalaran – epic! =)

  2. “Oh Em Gee, is that Rhonin, the leader of Mages?”
    “He is, like, totally headed this way!”
    “Have I ever told you I have wanted to try a threesome with him? But I am afraid and I don’t know how…”
    “Oh it’s easy, see this one time at band camp…”

  3. \snort

    “Now remember, little Timmy, if you touch yourself at night, Algalon will come to Azeroth and purify it of all life!”

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