Random Wow Thoughts: Draenei vs Worgen females, shortage of tanks

Earlier this week I referred to a survey about the relative popularity of different class/ gender combos among WoW players. One of the things that came out of the survey is that Draenei are the race where players are most likely to pick a female character. And a commenter noted that worgen females (despite being the most recent race added to the Alliance side) were perceived as being a lot less attractive.

So I thought I’d show some newish alts side by side.



I am also not fond of how the worgen females look in play, but if you look at the still screenshots they look mostly fine. I think the worgens have way too large boobs – it may be appealing to the furry fans but I find it really detracts from the lean, mean, feral killing machine look. There is also an uncanny element of sticking a non-human face on top of a human(ish) body, which doesn’t happen so much with the male worgen who have a much more feral, animalistic stance.

The draenei on the other hand has a beautiful face but her posture, with the hugely arched spine, looks uncomfortably weird (or more likely, designed to have her arse stick out as much as possible). It’s fine for an alien race to look weird but I find this very off-putting.

So how is that shortage of tanks thing going?

There is still a deep shortage of tanks in WoW, and this time around we’re seeing it in the raid guilds as well as the 5 mans. I think the extra perk reward helped the numbers in the short term, but the main draw to playing a tank/ healer in random instances is still the shorter queue.

I also notice increasingly that players in my guild who don’t play a tank are very reluctant to consider tanking on a new alt. Somewhere along the line, it feels as though the barrier to learning the role became overwhelming for people. So as the regular tanks want a break or want to level non tanking alts, guild groups become rarer. I’m not sure how typical we are, but I’ll just throw it out there as an example. It has the effect that I’m way more popular with guildies when I tank, even though it’s not my preferred role at the moment. Although they also have an increased interest in ranked battlegrounds at the moment, perhaps because you don’t have to wait for a tank.

On the forums, someone suggested making dungeons that don’t require tanks or allowing a pet/ NPC tank to fill out the instance group. If this happened, there would genuinely be no point in tanking unless you really love it, especially if the NPC tank was good. Plus few PUG players would put up with an inexperienced tank who is learning the role if they could just summon a pet to do it. The same would apply to healing. (And probably to dps too – pets already don’t break crowd control which puts them ahead of the game really.)

Zarhym also said:

That said, you do raise some good points about offering challenging, rewarding content to players which doesn’t rely solely on players waiting for a specific class role which is in high demand across the boards. In our minds, there’s potentially something missing between daily quests and dungeons, from a content/progression perspective. To that end, we’re exploring some options for the future.

This hints at some kind of solo/ skirmish content in the works (I wondered why it had taken Blizzard so long to steal the skirmish idea from LOTRO.)

One of the other interesting comments in that thread was from someone who used to tank/ heal in TBC and Wrath but finds them both too difficult/ stressful now. And yes, it sucks that instances can be fairly chilled and relaxing if you roll in as dps whereas tanks and healers have a fairly stressful time of it (not so much now that people are getting overgeared but the same idea holds.)

 i’d rather half !@# an instance as dps than actually have to focus on being a good player.


36 thoughts on “Random Wow Thoughts: Draenei vs Worgen females, shortage of tanks

  1. Personally I seriously dislike all the worgen animations, but I think the main reason for the female worgen’s unpopularity is their face. As someone commented when the current version was first released, they are kind of stuck with permanently looking like a bunch of frightened chihuahuas. Look at how many people pick the “uglier” faces on the other races and it only makes sense.

    they also have an increased interest in ranked battlegrounds at the moment, perhaps because you don’t have to wait for a tank

    Actually I really wouldn’t recommend doing rated battlegrounds without a tank, because if you get one of the flag carrying ones, you’re screwed. 😛

    • Agreed.

      I really, really, *really* want to roll a Worgen, but the animations are truly woeful. The cloaks billowing around as if there’s a howling gale all the time, the arms dangling to the floor and flopping about half the time but being wooden in combat, the hunched back…

      Blech. Considering Gilneas, they could’ve made the Worgen very sophisticated and make them seem as if it really was a human trying to fit into a bipedal wolf’s skin. Instead, you might as well be playing an undead with fur.

  2. I’m in the process of levelling a second Paladin. It’s turned out to be a tank.

    My main is a Paladin who rarely shifts out of Protection but only tanks for raiding. I’ve done a few HCs lately and the raid survuvability focus means his initial snap threat is low on multiple targets.

    In a 5-man where most players are well-geared this means the annoyance of th DPS opening up about a second before you actually engage a pull. If you’re lucky you’ll tag everything but if you’re not something inevitably runs off to nom a DPS.

    In pugs I’ll deal with this the first few pulls, ask nicely for DPS to wait a sec and, should the DPS (why is it awlays a Hunter, btw? They have bloody misdirection!!!) continue to be overeager, I’ll lose the ability to use my Taunt.

    It’s their choice and repair bill.

    It’s this that puts me off pugging on my main.

    My new pally is aimed at being Holy spec but I’ve ended up levelling as prot for the instant queues. Plus it allows me to pull the 10 Foos I need to kill for the quest in one go.

  3. Ass and face win over boobs. Is there is a message?
    There are also some proper domina outfits for the Draenei…

    LOTRO has Skirmishes, Rift is going to add Chronicles and Guild Wars does the same in reverse, aka adding party member NPCs instead of scaling the dungeon/area up/down depending on party size.

    Blizzard could “polish” the general idea of scaling content! 🙂 It gas some drawbacks. PUGs are the losers. People rather play with 1-2 friends than adding 1-2 more strangers or rather go in solo than waiting for a full group of strangers. Happens in LOTRO, happens in GW. myLOTRO can show you the skirmish statistics of every char (even those who set everything private) and it turns out to be a proper solo affair.

  4. I would like to play a tank and hopefully provide a good ‘srrvice’ my paladin is 84th and working towards the elusive 85th. Although the thing that puts me off tanking is the hassle associated with it. Other players can be very – shall we say -abrupt with u when you are learning to tank. I put the amount of hassles you get as a tank above that of a healer, with dps being at the bottom of the list.

    Hopefully people will be sympathetic – or I just press the leave button 🙂

  5. I do agree with two points regarding lady Worgen. If Blizzard dropped her cup size by one, I do think she would be much more attractive to some, perhaps even increasing lady Draenei’s cup size by one half. I also agree that most of the lady worgen’s animations aren’t exactly great; I think a lady Worgen rogue is fine when she’s fighting. Other than that, while the animations are up to Blizzard’s typically great standards, the animations themselves could be improved and perhaps more lady worgen will be around as a result.
    As for tanks, I’m a tank who quit tanking when LFD was introduced for all intensive purposes. I did tank a Cataclysm heroic or two on my druid, but not my paladin or warrior who I’ve intended to tank on since TBC. I’ve since quit playing but still have all my blogs and such in my reader in the (increasingly) unlikely chance I pick the game up again.

  6. I think the Worgen males look good, but the female is probably one of my least favorite models in the entire game. It just…I think IMO? it’s the biggest example of ”trying to give everyone what they want”.

    At the same time? No matter what they did, people did complain(and would have complained).

    -If they had made them with a gender neutral beast model that’s a more ‘beefy’ gender neutral, people would have complained it’s not feminine enough.

    -If they had given them a gender neutral beast model that was slender and athletic, people wanting a beefier beast model would have complained.

    -Too pretty, and the fierce fans complain.

    -Too fierce, and the pretty fans complain.

    No matter what they did, they would have been screwed with this model from *some* subset of the fanbase. So they tried to make a ”pretty with a kinda fierce growl and feminine model” and they ended up with ”kinda angry small dog”. :p (Many of my friends who play mostly female characters actually rolled male worgen, stating ”they just look better.” Of course, they could have attempted to make several models of both male and female worgen(big, medium, small, fierce, not so fierce) but THEN people playing other races would have felt put off that they don’t have varied options, too. (There’s been other instances of this-the Blood Elf male debacle when they beefed up the model comes to mind. I am one of the ”Much prefer the beefcake model” people, but the people who wanted one slender male model in the game did get left out.)

    Re: Tanking and Healing

    The TBC comment got me thinking; I too knew people who were less stressed healing in TBC heroics. I find that rather funny since early TBC heroics were head and shoulders miles harder than today’s heroics, which are harder than Wrath’s heroics.

    I also think right now an issue with tanks in raiding guilds, is that in higher end guilds, shield tanks are becoming the go-to tank, with Paladins block-capping right now and Warriors setting up to very soon(we do cap with Shield Block up), bears and especially DKs are finding themselves left out more, and probably frustrated.

    Of course, it doesn’t help very much when people suggest ”You know, devs, maybe having tanks be a bit more required in raids might help the tank population out”, and they say ”we don’t like fights with a lot of tanks anymore.” Between this and the OPness of certain tanks over others, and then other messes like the PuG community and they wonder why tanks are scarce anymore.

  7. If I can’t get a mostly guild group together for a zandi I usually dont queue as a tank. It’s so much less stressful to pew pew and watch Mad Men on Netflix. I like tanking, but the idiot factor in randoms is difficult to stomach. Although, when the third tank in one run turns out to be fail I’ll usually switch to tanking, just to finish the damn instance.

  8. I think WoW is losing a lot of players period let alone those who tank. And the ones that are remaining by, are the usualy the ones that you would never want play with if you where paid too. You know…and for example…

    “Um…I guess it’s okay you keep flashing those Recount numbers every 5 minutes lead, but did you enjoy this instance?”

    “Ur dps sukx Lol”

    …and that was a polite one. 😦

  9. Recently I’ve levelled up a warrior as a tank.

    I’ve been running heroic content and the Z’s and a couple of the first tier cata raids for a few months now and you know what?

    It’s pretty relaxing compared to being a DPS.

    It’s something that I mostly put down to my having control of the fight. As a dps my primary point of stress in a group is wondering what exactly the tank is expecting me to do. Now, as a tank? I don’t care what the dps do, as long as they watch their threat and don’t decide to pull things, they can happily dps away.

    As a DPS, I freak out about standing in the fire, because the fire is death. As a tank, I can happily dawdle out of the fire because I have more hit points than god and my very own pocket healer. I laugh at fire.

    Being a tank is a mellow enough experience that I’m actually beginning to wonder if the source of the isssue isn’t so much the tanking experience as it is the people playing tanks. I’m also beginning to have a similar line of thought about the people who stress out about the LFG system.

    • I used to feel like that about tanking too. What can I say, it gets old and you’re still stuck with the dps who mess around or can’t seem to get the adds they need to get in the boss fight etc etc. Plus you have to memorise every single fight and trash pack, which I found really fun when I first started tanking in TBC but am bored of now. I should add though that since I’ve tanked the instances myself, I find dps quite relaxing because I know exactly what the tank expects me to do (or at least what they should be expecting me to do if they cared enough.)

      Raid tanking is much easier in some ways, but occasionally they’ll put in some more interesting/ taxing tanking encounters to keep you on your toes. (This is a mix of good and bad – it’s more fun to do the fights but less fun to have the rest of the raid whining while you are learning it.)

  10. I put down the arse thing to the fact that your weird bipedal hoof legs make them look a little wierd.

    Satyr have the same issue too. Male Draenei don’t but that’s because they lumped a giant body builder torso on top.

    • The worgen have a similar style of leg but I don’t think they have the same posture issue, I was trying to compare that with the side by side picture.

  11. The issue with Draenei isn’t just what the females look like but what the males look like in comparison. I almost never make female characters but for my Draenei alt I had to because of how incredibly stupid and bloated the males look.

  12. @Simon – I agree with you about how relaxed tanking can be, but a few things (some of which are out of your control) have to be in place. If your dps is on the right target and doesn’t significantly outgear you, if the group understands the healer’s blue bar being empty means wait for him/her to drink, if cc is quick and accurate, if people move out of the bad, and if your group has a pleasant attitude tanking is really easy and fun. Sometimes tanking for LFG groups these elements are all in place and the run is smooth, but quite often one (and often enough all) of them are conspicuously absent. I’ve had enough nightmare LFG groups where the dps each pulls their own mob, complains about cc (then says gogogogo while the healer is drinking) dies in fire, ignores adds that need to die, blows every cooldown on the pull to top dps meters on 5 man trash, bitches at each other and me, complains that the healer sucks because they died in said fire, et cetera. Being stuck “leading” those groups is a massive pain in the ass.

    As for new tanks, I think it’s a tough sell because unlike dps or healing, it’s hardest when you just start. Poor gear makes threat and survival a constant battle, learning the details of every trash pull and boss, as well as how and when to use your abilities, takes time, and many LFG groups don’t have the patience to let you figure it out. As your gear, skill, and knowledge improve it gets easier, but the learning curve is quite steep, and your failures are very public.

    I started tanking in wrath, and it was the challenge that kept me interested, and the frustration of trying to hold aggro against fully raid-geared guildies (who made it a difficult as possible to “help me learn” haha) that motivated me to gear up. The hardest part was crossing the barrier between normal instances and heroics, where at first the gear level and expectations of the other people in the group were well out of my reach. I’m sure the same is true now for newer tanks. The best advice I can give them is to communicate your noobishness, ask for help via cc/tips/slow dps on the pull, and take it slow. If your group isn’t willing to help out then the instance will take for ever and you’re better off dropping group and waiting for deserter to get a different one.

  13. I wonder if the solution to the lack of tanks is just to make the DPS role harder. Set things up so the DPS *have* to play well. I realise this was the intention behind requiring CC, but I’m sure there are other ways to make them do something besides blindly spam their rotations.

    Maybe the no-tanks idea is worth trying – just have mobs respond to damage alone (and healing), and make it so DPS are unable to solo dungeon mobs, so they are forced to coordinate, even if just in a very basic way. *Something* that means they can’t be so easily carried in an instance.

    • The part that always confused me is that there are dps who are good players who also think that acting like gogogo loons in an instance IS playing well, ie. getting the max dps out no matter what and completing the instance as fast as possible no matter what, no matter where the aggro goes, no matter what the other players say about needing to drink or wanting to get threat.

      I wonder if it’s partly because damage meters don’t show who did the critical interrupt or CC. (Don’t get me wrong, there are genuinely excellent dps players too who do all these things and can make a run as smooth as silk.)

      It has genuinely proved impossible in WoW to get dps back to a point where good players watch their threat — it’s like the cat is out of the bag now and threat is considered to be purely a tank problem, and an unwanted mechanic that slows people down.

      So I think probably designing the tank out of the system might be a good idea. They’re doing that in GW2 for example and having threat based purely on proxmity. But I think switching WoW over to that kind of system isn’t practical.

      I also don’t have an issue with a class or role being carried in an instance. It just should never be dps. I remember in DaoC there were some very passive buffing classes who could pretty much go on follow. But it actually suits some types of players (eg. people who want to play with a partner but aren’t very good themselves)

      • “It has genuinely proved impossible in WoW to get dps back to a point where good players watch their threat — it’s like the cat is out of the bag now and threat is considered to be purely a tank problem, and an unwanted mechanic that slows people down.”

        Sadly true, and whether or not you intended to include me in your description, it’s worryingly accurate!

        I think part of the barrier to new tanks is that the old ones seem almost godly in comparison. You fool around in a new spec for a bit, fumbling around to remember what buttons cause what abilities and so on, loose a few mobs to DPS amusing themselves; and then compare yourself to someone who can tank 4 separate mobs each being DPSed by a different person. Even though you know that that person’s been tanking on their main for two years, but can’t DPS for toffee, it’s still disheartening.

        So you wind up with a group with 2-3 superb tanks, and similarly for healing, but no-one else feels confident enough to join the club. I certainly feel like that with healing, even though I know logically that with a few weeks of practice I’d be able to hold my end up just fine.

        There’s a second thing that came up a number of times in tanking discussions in Wrath – when the DPS fail, they die, life goes on. When the tank screws up, chances are the raid will wipe. That means that everyone tends to be reasonably keen to take the easy route and have the experienced tanks keep doing their job, and not go back to wiping to trivial content to teach the new guy.

        I’m not sure the solution is just to develop a thick skin – but an attitude “bugger, I wiped ’em again. Well, here we go again, but remember to use the trinket in time” is essential, if slow to develop.

      • “Sadly true, and whether or not you intended to include me in your description, it’s worryingly accurate!”

        I was actually mulling over how I feel when I dps in a PUG heroic. Except I never stress over getting aggro, I kind of expect to pull aggro and die a couple of times in a PUG as a geared dps warrior (the exceptions are where the tank and healer are really on top of things) — I could be more cautious but where’s the fun in that.

  14. It’s funny, Draenei are my favorite WoW race, but I’d never paid attention to how extreme their posture is. I’m not sure if it’s because their animations are good or if I was distracted by the shininess of a cute demon-looking race (yes, I even find the male Draenei cute in a monstrous sort of way). Or maybe I just chalked it up to their legs, before Worgen did away with that excuse.

    I was really disappointed in the Worgen females. I was hoping for something more beastly and less… weird looking. What’s really sad is that many, many people mocked up improvements for their look, which means that Blizzard could have made something awesome looking. I think Azaael called it, though. Instead of making a consistent race, they tried to please everyone and ended up pleasing no one. Too bad.

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  16. Some random responses to the random thoughts:

    Draenaninnies reminds me of them poor t-rex skeletons in museums when I were a kid. Bent and broken fer ta force an upright spinal configuration what wouldn’t tip over, ’cause, well, “bipeds is erect.” A real bipedal goat would most likelies look more like a raptor – horizontal spine with a big tail fer ta counterbalance. Would look pretty silly runnin’ around in a skirt, though.

    Blizz actuallies runs a real-time photoshoppy thing on worgen wimmenz fer ta make’em look like they got they’s a pair of big heavin’ bazoongas. Kinda like what ya see on magazine covers. Get’em in a intimiate situation, though, and the effect drops off, and ya sees what they really has three pairs, all a comfotable handfull size. Is very pleasantly exotics.

    As fer tanking, Kinnavieve were runnin’ ret fer her guild’s first Shannox kill th’ other night. Lots and lots of discussions on tanking and healing strats, in between wipes. Kinna’s instructions consisted entirelies of “beat the boss down ta 40%, then kill the dog what’s not dead, then kill the boss. Don’t step on any traps.” When the gap in what ya gots ta learn fer each fight be that freakin’ huge, is no wonder buggers is reluctant fer ta try they’s hand at tanking. Is a hekkuva jump Blizz makes ya do.

  17. I just hit 85 on my warrior so I haven’t done heroics yet but I leveled as prot, questing and tanking LFD instances all the way. This is my first tank and it wasn’t bad at all so I’m not sure what you mean by a “barrier to learning the role.” To me, anxiety about tanking among players is much greater than the actual challenge of doing it.

    One of my key moments in learning to tank was becoming more relaxed about the DPS pulling aggro. I now see my main role as a service: if the hunter and mage want to let me hold on to the mobs, I’ll do it (I like a nice grouping as much as anybody). If they want to pull them, I can usually find my taunt button once or maybe twice but if they insist on being eaten, I’m ok with that.

    About pets or NPC tanks, I just healed a Dire Maul where the tank dropped group half-way in. So while we waited, the hunter’s pet tanked for us. It wasn’t as controlled and more CC and kiting were required, but we managed to make progress and even killed a boss. When we got a new tank, the difference was notable. Mobs stuck to him and we moved faster. This is the way I think it should be: if you have a tank, it makes the run smoother and faster but if you don’t, you can still get by using a less powerful, riskier alternative.

    Still, we should be careful about what we wish for. There are some quests in Twilight Highlands where you’re accompanied by an NPC who tanks and damages the mobs that spawn. I got the distinct feeling during these that I was just along for the ride and that my performance wasn’t particularly linked to our success. It felt detached and undermined my sense of achievement.

  18. Coming from someone who used to tank, but no longer wants to – I firmly believe the lack of tanking is pure social issue. I don’t believe that there’s anything flawed in the design of tanking that turns players off of the role.

    I do agree that there are some game design issues that inherently put the tanking (and healing) role in a different world than the DPS role, but I believe above all, the social disconnect is foremost the reason for the shortage.

    Having a pet tank the instance, just puts the blame on the Hunter/Warlock when something goes wrong. Having a pure NPC tank leads to the NPC needing to be designed to be perfect, to make zero mistakes. If the NPC “tank” causes your wipe on a fight, it’s just frustrating.

    For better or worse, it will be social factors – not game design – that dictate the direction tanking takes in WoW – and maybe even the entire industry.

  19. This:

    “On the forums, someone suggested making dungeons that don’t require tanks or allowing a pet/ NPC tank to fill out the instance group. If this happened, there would genuinely be no point in tanking unless you really love it, especially if the NPC tank was good. Plus few PUG players would put up with an inexperienced tank who is learning the role if they could just summon a pet to do it. The same would apply to healing. (And probably to dps too – pets already don’t break crowd control which puts them ahead of the game really.)”

    To be honest, GW does this already, if you build things right. *smooch heroes* And you know what? Because of the GW’s entire design, sure, humans may not choose to group with ‘noob’ humans who want to tank or heal…

    …at least, not those who’ve set up their AI to do just that – well.

    However, it also means that when those same people DECIDE to go with humans, rather than their premade healers and tanks, they’re more tolerant of mistakes. Because nothing DEPENDS on the noobie. Because they can get it done by themselves later, if the noobie fails. It’s no longer a big deal.

    The main problem with WoW’s tank and heal system for me, (as both a tank and a healer), is that it locks you into dependency on other people.

    Just the two nug non-cents.

    • I’ve argued this in one form or another for a while. GW is great because it doesn’t force you to depend on people, and grouping is done by choice. It makes for much better socialization, at least, in my experience.

      • See, my experience with GW is not extensive but no one was ever social or asked to group. Sure, city chat was full of trade spam but it felt like the most anti-social game ever to me.

        Grouping isn’t really by choice when most people aren’t interested in grouping.

      • What you need to do, if you want to find groups, is go to the Temple of Balthazar, and see what the Zaishen quests are for the day.

        Zone to that area. BOOM. Guarantee you group request spam. =)

        And these are the places where I get groups, when I’m feeling social.

        Though obviously, it needs a certain amount of playing before you realise that this is how it works, rather than a central interface whereby you find a group across the entire server.

      • Don’t think I recall the temple of balthazar, maybe I didn’t get that far 🙂

        But I guess it mostly goes to show that one person’s “This game is great it doesn’t force you to depend on people” is another person’s “I’m new to this game and don’t know anyone and I’m lonely/ wish I could find a guild/ etc.”

  20. I play together with a tank, we used to level chars together. Shes a very experienced Raid-MT, one of the best I have ever seen. She can tank with every tankclass there is, mostly because she got all of them on whatever was the maxlevel at the time. However we stopped playing because it was simply no longer bearable.

    In the typical group she runs towards a group of mobs when suddenly the mage frosts them at maximum distance, all three DPS start blasting on every mob without any focus. She still manages to catch all mobs. Afterwards she asks the mage to wait at least until she has reached the mobs. His response is “Tough luck dude, learn to play better”.

    And thats even one of the more polite responses.. You get everything from people who outright ignore you over people who say you are a bad player to people who swear incoreherently at you. Some don’t even get what your problem is, they are having fun making you job a living hell, so who are you to complain? You should just chill out while they happily blast at everything in sight.

    The problem is just that a true tank takes pride in his job. Letting a mob slip by is not acceptable, not even if its leveling and the mob is no danger at all. For us that has led to a situation where we only play when there are at least three of us online. Then we do instances with just the three of us. Missing two players is still way more fun than getting the statistical 1.75 dickhead per group.

    However since most of my friends stopped playing WoW at some point we get three people together about once a week. Other than that I noticed there are a lot of shows and books I missed in the last years. My subscription renewal comes around in 6 weeks or something. I don’t think I’ll resubscribe. I still love the game dearly, but my preferred parts of the game are so infested with imbeciles that I know longer see how to extract any fun out of it.

  21. I totally agree about the stress aspect of tanking. I did some in Wrath.. never would call myself an awesome tank but studied strategies and tried to learn and get the best gear… but then something would happen during a run like some mob would go charging after a mage and then turn on the healer after the little clothie mage died and then we would wipe in the blink of an eye and the mage would be like “WHAT THE HELL WHY CAN’T YOU HOLD AGGRO WHEN I FOCUS THE MONSTER ONLY I WAS ATTACKING”,… and some people would agree with him and other people would be “not the tanks fault”.. and I never felt like I had enough experience to say exactly why the encounter failed… so it became one big stressful screaming match with no way to tell if I was being a retard or the healer sucked and could not keep me up or if I was undergeared or not doing something right… it was just a mess. I actually would love to see a feature in the game called “Wipe Analyzer”.. and anytime your party wiped the Analyzer could be like “healer did not cast heal on you for 17 seconds, too long” or “rogue stood in puddle of crap”… might help people figure out how to get better and might fit in with the new dungeon strategy recommendation feature they have… who knows.. even now with a motley of mismatched purple armor I get nervous to tank anything even if I out gear it by a bunch.

    • I actually would love to see a feature in the game called “Wipe Analyzer”.. and anytime your party wiped the Analyzer could be like “healer did not cast heal on you for 17 seconds, too long” or “rogue stood in puddle of crap”…

      Recount already does this – set it to show Deaths, then when you click a person’s name on the list it’ll tell you what happened to them during the last few seconds of their life.

      Apologies in advance if HTML fails; there’s no way to know in advance whether it will or not :-/

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