Star Trek Online exploring the F2P frontier

Latest subsciption MMO to test the F2P waters is going to be Star Trek Online; which was announced during an investor call with Cryptic’s new owners. I think a lot of people were expecting this to happen at some point, and we’ll wait to see how the various options will work out and what Cryptic may offer their lifetime sub holders. I think the monthly point-stipend that LOTRO gives out works fairly well for keeping lifetime players sweet.

I also remember commenting during beta that I thought STO would suit a F2P model better than subscription, and this is great news for anyone who wants to try a game with solid spaceship dogfighting without sub fees, especially if you like the Trek trappings. It might also be a fun game to play alongside SWTOR, which isn’t so big on the space battles but is likely to be stronger for storytelling/ roleplayers.


6 thoughts on “Star Trek Online exploring the F2P frontier

  1. Yep, we all knew it had to happen at some point 🙂

    I can only see this as a Good Thing(TM) – I know a number of people who have simply been held back from trying/playing the game because of the sub. A F2P model would bring a good new influx of players.

    And I really hope they give us Lifers the monthly stipend, I really want some of those ships on the C-Store ;D

  2. It falls into my category of vaguely interesting but not interesting enough to pay for. So it’s a good move with regard to me as I’ll likely try it at some point now.

  3. If it is like the CO lifetime -> F2P conversion: nope, no stipend.
    But you get more character slots, character “class” options, some equipment and adventure packs.

    • Bzzt – wrong answer, I’ve been getting a stipend of points in CO for my lifetime sub since they converted… I’m just struggling to find anything I really want to spend them on 🙂

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