Eurogamer Expo: What caught my eye, and it’s going to be a Star Wars (TOR) Xmas …

journey-game-screenshot-19You are going on a journey…

The Eurogamer Expo was held from Thursday-Sunday last week, taking over a larger venue than last year. I’d say that it was an improved experience all round, so props to the organisers.

As Danie says, computer gaming expos are very different in tone from gaming/ sci-fi conventions. You walk into a huge darkened hall, there are posters hanging from the ceiling, and the main source of light is the flickering of hundreds (thousands?) of screens running demos. It all feels very Bladerunner.

You wander around, decide which games you want to queue for and which you’re content to watch over someone else’s shoulder, keep an eye on twitter for when any giveaways are announced, and go off to explore. It’s not an ideal environment to meet people socially, so I do apologise to anyone else who was there who I failed to meet.

The games which I found most eye catching were the ones which immediately feel more different to the standard RPGs/shooters. Journey in particular had me and my partner absolutely mesmerised – and that was just watching other people play it. It’s a sort of platform game which has the look of a Studio Ghibli film.

We decided not to queue for Skyrim, GW2, SWTOR, Arkham City or Dark Souls; I’m not big on standing around for ages just to play a demo. My beloved did win a tshirt (for me 🙂 ) in a giveaway by knowing that Catwoman used to be a hooker though – I knew there was a reason I married him!

The Indie Arcade was also a huge amount of fun. I didn’t have time to try all of the games, but This Robotic Heart of Mine and Molecat Twist were both very engaging puzzle games of the type when you look up and blink and wonder where two hours went.  (The molecats are also adorable and they should make cuddly ones!) Rimelands: Hammer of Thor was also a fun little turn based roguelike which actually shows the dice rolls when you are in combat.

All recommended: I’m sure the others were good also but didn’t get a chance to play them.

The other big news of the convention was that Bioware announced the release dates for SWTOR: 20th Dec in the US, 22nd Dec in the EU. More on that tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Eurogamer Expo: What caught my eye, and it’s going to be a Star Wars (TOR) Xmas …

  1. Like the look of Rimelands but I’ll have to wait as I don’t have an iphone.

    Do you think that the SWTOR date was a reaction to Blizzard’s announcing D3 is going to launch in early 2012? I do rather suspect that these games companies play cat and mouse with each other.

    And if so if Xmas + January enough time to play through the story on a couple of alts then dump SWTOR for Diablo 3? Is the game in line for the same sort of migration we saw when Wrath of the Lich King launched a month after War?

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post 🙂

  2. I didn’t go along to the Expo per se – some of us have to work for a living, and I’m saving my “go geek out” pass for Dragonmeet in November. I did, however, head over that way for Trion’s community event (read: free bar) on Friday thus obtaining a Hooty in-game pet, a medium sized Rift T-shirt that miraculously just about fits me, a couple of free pints and a brief chat with one of the Trion team about their two upcoming games.

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