CCP fire EVE community team (and WoD devs) to focus on … EVE

In classic ‘just before Xmas’ firings, CCP announced today that they had laid off 20% of their development team and put World of Darkness Online onto the back burner in order to focus on EVE. Makes sense if they have cashflow issues since EVE is the game which is currently bringing in money.

But players are intrigued to find that the 20% laid off includes members of the EVE community team who are popular with the playerbase. That’s an odd way to focus on EVE and its community …

Sympathy and best wishes to anyone who was laid off. But CCP is acting like a chicken with the head cut off at the moment. I’ve never known laying off 20% of the workforce to be a good sign for any company, and I’m sad (although not surprised) to hear about WoD which potentially could have brought in a whole new swathe of players and allowed CCP to show off their sandbox strengths to a new audience.

If they are able to focus on EVE and give the EVE players what they want then good luck to them. But firing community team from an active game with a lively community (to say the least) says that they don’t really understand the genre they are working with to me.

8 thoughts on “CCP fire EVE community team (and WoD devs) to focus on … EVE

  1. The crucial weakness of this summer’s patch was that there was nothing in it for Flying in Space, what Eve players think of as Eve. We got a reskin on a ship and of ship turrets, just art. We got a very limited version of walking in stations which most players turned off as soon as possible because it wasn’t very nice and it has a cpu hog. So I think they’ve seen it as imperative that they’re able to produce stuff, concrete gameplay additions.

    Which leads to Who do you sack? If it’s not designers it’s likely to be community reps. There’s a logic to it although a very disappointing one.

    But yes there’s also a certain element of sacking firefighters because the fire’s gotten big.

    I think what annoys me is that they have had more than enough profit from this game to have run it without doing this. They just got too ambitious. Now if DUST bombs they could be in real trouble.

      • I’m afraid it reminds me very much of financial libraries. If a bank does badly they sack their librarians. Although we could demonstrate we generated revenue by performing essential research faster and better than our more expensive banker colleagues we were generally first for the chop.

        When businesses contract they shed support staff.

  2. Seems to me like they banked too much on DUST and the last patch.
    All I see is them dropping the only game on the market that made me want to try out their games.

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