What’s your one great wish for Blizzcon?

If I could see one dream announcement come out of Blizzcon this weekend, it would be that they have some ideas for an alternative to the raiding endgame. (Maybe influenced by public raids, dynamic Rift-like events or LOTRO skirmishes.)

And the second one would be an open Diablo 3 beta test.

How about you? Any interest in Blizzcon, any thoughts about what you’d like to see announced?

12 thoughts on “What’s your one great wish for Blizzcon?

  1. What I’m hoping is that Titan is not a shooter. I don’t really enjoy shooters.

    Other than that. Wow would only really become fun if it became a much slower more measured game again the chances of which are zero. D3 I’m quite happy to wait for it becoming Live. Starcraft I’m rather indifferent too. I quite like working my way through the single player stuff but I feel horribly out-matched in multiplayer.

  2. Dream announcement – “While WoW has been incredibly successful in its way, we want to do something different next time around. Titan will be about communities working together to take down epic world bosses and building a sense of realm pride, and not about individual e-peen waggling”.

    Failing that, I’d take Diablo 3 for the iPad 🙂

  3. WoW using the GW business model. Titan, too.

    After that, I’d love a chaser of “oops, turns out we actually *do* want offline tetherfree SC2 and D3, sorry about that, we were blistering idiots”.

  4. Titan – more info on that would be great.
    WoW – the new expansion announced, and preferably not one with pandas in it. If they do announce mists of Pandora, to me, that would mean they have gone back on one too many promises.
    What I would hope for is one last expansion, where they fight of Sargeras’ Burning Legion, holding them of Azeroth permanently. Thus ending the saga of WoW with a bang, rather than having it fizzle out due to fewer and fewer subscribers. To alas, that will never ever happen

  5. I’d like there to be speculation about why certain WoW developers are not attending, and are conspicuously not being talked about by any of the Blizzard people who are attending.

  6. Seems the Ewoks will be in the next expansion. Now I’m just waiting to hear that the final boss will be a Jar Jar Binks type of character.

    Also major rework to talents. One tree and 6 talents total.

  7. I hate to pull a card that reeks of smartass, but after skimming over the points they presented for WoW, my wish would be that they’d tell us: “October Fools! And tomorrow, we’ll tell you what we really have planned.”

  8. Actually, the changes seem reasonably promising. They’ve identified many of the ways they screwed up in Cataclysm and have made changes to address the problems. Of course there’s a long way from slides to actuality, but more likely than not I will resubscribe to the game when the new expansion hits.

    The 3 epic raids, though… is that for the entire expansion? If so, it would seem they’re reducing raid content and beefing up non-raid lvl 90 content. Not entirely surprising if so many people don’t want to run raids, but we did warn the hardcores that investment in their game depended on getting the bads to participate.

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