[WoW] What goes up must come down: how easy is this patch exactly?

I’m not playing WoW at the moment but after a week of irritating computer problems at this end, my beloved was able to log into the new patch this week and try running some of the new heroic instances with a mixture of PUG and guildies.

His thoughts: They’re fun, but that was easier than I was expecting.

He’s not the only person to have that reaction, Green Armadillo was reflecting on the same issue. BBB seems to have had the same reaction but is assuming this is because his characters had firelands gear, and wonders how a new 85 would find them.

I’ve heard reactions from friends that the LFR versions of the new raid are also easy. Not having seen it myself, I can’t really judge, but that would be in line with how Blizzard were presenting the raid finder (ie. it’s not meant to be frustrating in the same way that regular raiding can be.)

Have you been playing patch 4.3, what did you think? (Will post more analysis over the weekend.)

22 thoughts on “[WoW] What goes up must come down: how easy is this patch exactly?

  1. My feeling was at last Blizzard got the difficulty level right again after having screwed up from start of Cataclysm.

    I like going into 5-mans/LFR for a stress free play period that doesnt take to long (around 30 mins for 5-mans and 30-60 mins for LFR depending on group). Also Blizzard removed the need for CC bringing it back to the way it was at end of Wotlk 🙂

    Hopefully this might bring back some of those that quit early on in Cata when they found out they couldnt do 5-mans or raids (probably 90 percent of those in a huge casual guild I am in quit their lvl 85 once they leveled up, but found out 5-man HCs/raids were to tough).

    • Just show up to loot. Yay?


      Blizzard would be better off creating a third tier of instance where you do need CC and it is challenging something more like what they have for raiding.

      The most fun I had in the game was in the beginning of Cataclysm when you were breaking into the heroic instances while wearing blues.

      But then I actually enjoy a challenge.

  2. Accessibility versus challenge. Where’s the middle ground? This is the biggest flaw in Blizzard, I think. They react and overreact. There is no middle ground for them. They shifted the difficulty dial WAY up at the beginning of Cataclysm, especially related to Wrath, and now they are dialing it WAY back down again. The outlined changes coming with Mists of Pandaria show the same sort of attitude… another HUGE change. WoW is becoming like a game with violent mood swings. 😛

  3. The first week was easy. But at the same time, with 7/8 HM FL on farm, it’s not like I really expected normal mode to be much of a challenge or gear check.
    Hard modes look interesting, we’ll get them, but definitely not that fast.

    BTW I love WoW blogs: things are not hard: endless whining about lack of challenge. Things are not easy: endless whining about impossible bosses.

    The problem is that whatever you believe it’s very easy to get confirmation, just go read the blogs of people who are overstuffed/understuffed and you have all the “proof” you need…..

    • And I love people that make sweeping generalizations without substantiating examples. Since you don’t know what they’re thinking of when they say something like that, you have no way to judge the validity of their argument for yourself.

      • Well, apart that your last statement means “no one should post anything ever”, since you cannot know what the poster think, for “substantiated examples” you can follow random WoW blogs and see for yourself.
        Not that this means that *all* bloggers are like this, and (as I posted somewhere) I take this to actually be a an indication that on the average Blizzard nailed the difficulty just right: if everyone was complaining on the same side, that would be the symptom of a problem.

  4. I think my irritation was actually about the level of the loot – same as Firelands. I thought Blizzard did the right thing with the extra three Wrath dungeons – loot better than previous 5 mans but not as good as raids. And only the last one was a pain in the arse – the first two were (IMO) just right.

    WRT the new dungeons, they looked really cool, but there didn’t feel to be much substance behind them – and one of the fights (against Mannoroth) basically depends on a buff you’ve been given, randomly critting for a million damage every so often.

    • Um, heroic ToC dropped 219, same as Ulduar-10, and the heroic ICC 5-mans dropped 232, same as ToC-10. So how be this different?

      Personallies, I found the new 5-mans fer ta be doable but not trivial when yer at the minimum gear fer ta enter. Mainly, though, I thoughts they was fun. Gonna be runnin’ the crap outta them fer months ta come, and I’s sure glad they ain’t the long trash-slogging grinds what the Zs turned out ta be.

  5. I’ve done the first four bosses in LFR now, and one thing to keep in mind right now is that the iLevel gate to enter is 372.

    My Hunter was raiding Firelands and killed Ragnaros, and didn’t have 372 yet, only 371.

    So, what that tells me is that, at least for this very first week of the LFR release, the majority of people able to enter and take part are all experienced raiders who have had success in Cataclysm raids, including Firelands.

    Will the same success rate and ‘ease’ continue after a month has passed, and the people who are running the new 5 person instances and getting 378 gear as drops and Justice Points?

    I’m thinking that the ease of today will be the wasteland of hell in a month. It’s gonna be real interesting to find out.

  6. too easy by a long shot, in fact the frustration of the difficulty at early wrath did not come from being unable to do my own job, but rather from the other group members failing to recognise they had to interrupt an ability. They still don’t but at least the dungeon journal backs it up so you can point them to read it, do it or get out.

    In all honesty wrath was easy beyond belief, cata heroics at the start got it right, they became to easy the moment that 5 man luck of the draw was introduced, and now its just ridiculous, the difficulty is similar to questing in non heirloom gear.

  7. Unless the best players are quitting out of boredom, they’ve made the game too hard. And this is true even with multiple difficulty levels.

    I think they were shocked at how negative the reaction was to the increase in difficulty with Cataclysm, although they shouldn’t have been if they had been paying attention. Their marketing got it totally wrong somewhere. Well, that’s over now, and whatever that source (I suspect it was forum posts) that told them hard would be popular, it has now been recognized as biased and unreliable.

    They will be paying attention to actual customer behavior, not loud voices complaining things aren’t hard enough for their leet skillz.

  8. Having not bothered to enter either Zandalari on my Warlock alt (as I was sick of going there on my main to farm VPs), and having not even stepped inside Firelands, I still found the new ‘heroics’ to be completely lacking in challenge, despite only having 346 gear from old heroics, 359 Justice gear, and the odd 378 boe.
    I think I did more interrupting with my Felhound than anyone else in those pug runs, and I was by no means bottom dps, yet we didn’t have a single wipe.

    LFD being LFD, it was still full of idiots who are ready to abuse anyone who didn’t do exactly what is required (“Skip it, talk to ur dragon and press skip”, Yes ok, because I’d hate to waste a few seconds of your precious time by actually trying to enjoy the lore section, god forbid!). Still, 10 heroics later and I’m now ilvl 369, so I will soon be able to enter the LFD. Or maybe I just won’t bother. The good news about getting gear upgrades is it makes doing achievements solo a lot easier.

  9. While I enjoy the idea of using CC and interrupts, it seems that enough people feel it’s more fun just to run in and AoE everything down, that the ones that do try to CC when appropriate just get frustrated at the idiocy of the others. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and in a PuG there can be (and often are) several weak links. Having to overcome the adversity caused by your other group members is not the intended goal, I think.

    So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather use CC in a dungeon designed as an AoE fest, than AoE in a dungeon designed to use CC.

  10. It’s got nothing, whatsoever, to do with gear – the new heroics are laughably easy. This is an objective statement, because I’ve managed to clear all three with some pretty appalling DPS performances in the group.

    In fact, several pulls were managed WITHOUT A TANK. This is what continued subscribers have to look forward to in Pandaria.


  11. Every time I here someone complain about the difficulty of the new 5’s, I also hear the echo of them complaining about the difficulty of Cataclysm early on, which I personally found pretty okay. I was also okay with with WotLK difficulty as well.

    The issue with difficulty is that everyone wants it tailored so it’s just hard enough for them so they still feel leet but not hard enough so other people are more leet than them. It’s a similar logic that you see with things like people complaining about ten man raiding or the concept of LFG or attunements or what have you. People want it tailored to their own personal sweet spot. This isn’t going to happen and complaining that it’s too hard or too easy is just going to result in whatever comes next being too easy or too hard for you.

    In all honesty? The new 5 mans are fine. They’re about as easy as the last tier of ICC 5’s, where some bits are hard if you don’t know the fights or aren’t able to grasp not standing in things.

    LFR is, however, perhaps the greatest thing ever for someone who actually wants to see content but doesn’t want to have to put aside a special raid night and is something every other MMO should emulate. If Swotor is going to copy every other part of WoW, it better copy that.

  12. I stopped raiding completely right after FL came out, and ended up cancelling my account. I had some alts on my wife’s account that I would occasionally pop in on to PvP, and when 4.3 dropped I took the best geared of these into the new 5-mans. Cleared all 3 with no wipes and zero-prior knowledge of the fights. I have no axe to grind since I no longer play regularly, but they really did seem designed to simply hand out 378 gear. If you can grasp not standing in a blotch on the ground, and moving when a wall of gunk heads your way, then these can probably be cleared by a tank and 4 level 80’s. I like the environments, and I think they got the length right, but the difficulty level, or lack thereof, almost feels like they’ve just given up.

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