[SWTOR] 10 things you need to know about consumables

There are four main types of consumable in SWTOR, and the reason it’s worth knowing about them is that they are all pretty good and can add a lot of survivability and power to your character. Bioware have been quite good about scattering medical droids who sell healing and buff potions all over the gameworld, and healing potions are also frequent drops from mobs. Vendors in cantinas will also sell buff food. And you will occasionally find stim vendors out in the world – I think this is just where Bioware decided that they needed extra vendors standing around for RP purposes because they just split off some of the goods that medical droids would otherwise sell.

I’ve been running Biochem, and it’s balanced oddly. The crafted consumables are better than bought ones, but also can be expensive to make at the top end, so I’m not sure that people have a good idea how to price them on the AH at the moment.

In any case, here’s ten things you’ll want to know about better living through chemistry in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

1. Store bought stims (buff potions) typically last for an hour and will buff one of your core character attributes (might, willpower, aim, cunning) – there are also Stims that boost presence (this buffs your companion) and endurance.


2. Crafted stims will boost power or defence in addition to one of your core character attributes. Fortitude stims are the tank buffs which buff defence as well as endurance, the other stims all boost power as a secondary stat. Blue crafted stims will last for double the length (2 hours) and will not disappear after death – they’re the equivalent of WoW flasks. Purple crafted stims are for Biochem crafters only, are equivalent to green crafted stims and are reusable.


3. In Cantinas, there are vendors who will also sell you food buffs. The ones I have seen so far is a food buff that improves your out of combat regen for 30 mins (arguably not v useful since every class has an out of character regen ability, but this will probably save time if you’re speed levelling.) The other is a 30 min buff to presence (ie. boosts companion power), which does stack with stims. So if you’re struggling with solo content, the food presence buff might be one to keep in mind.

4. Green crafted healing potions will typically heal for more than vendor bought ones, and can come in at different level ranges also.


5. There are also green crafted healing potions which heal your companion as well as your character. Potions which just heal your character will be called XXXX medpacs, potions which also heal your companion will be called XXXX med units. If your companion has died, one of these potions will res it in combat as well as healing – I don’t entirely know if that’s intended but it is what happens at the moment. I find these invaluable when I’m trying solo content that is a bit tough for my level.

6. Blue crafted healing potions will typically provide a HoT as well as the initial burst of healing. The HoT heals for half again of the initial healing burst over 15s. They’re good, but I’m not sure they’ll be worth the extra cost to craft.


7. Adrenals are short term potions which provide a large kick to one of your secondary  stats for 15s (ie. power, surge, crit, et al). I haven’t seen any vendor adrenals, so these may only be available from Biochem crafters. Adrenals are all blue items, except for the purple reusable ones (Biochem only).

8. There are also triage adrenals which increase your tech/force power for 15s but reduce the amount of damage you do during that time by 50%. If it’s not obvious from the name, these are meant as healer buffs – if you’re not a healer use one of the other adrenals.

9. The cooldown on medpacs is 90s (ie. you can use one every 1.5 mins). The cooldown on adrenals is 3 mins. There is no cooldown on stims, but they are longterm buffs that you won’t need to spam unless you’re dying a lot. The reason Biochem is probably overpowered at the moment is that they can make reusable versions of any of the green crafted items for themselves. So as a Biochem crafter, you can if you want have access to a heal potion every 90s, an adrenal every 1.5 mins, and buff stims up all the time without having to rustle up the large number of materials or credits that it would cost anyone else to buy this.

10. You can use all of these consumables in PvP.


This is a shot I took on Voss. There do seem to be rather more orange/ brown planets than strictly necessary ….

12 thoughts on “[SWTOR] 10 things you need to know about consumables

  1. I guess I missed all the scenes in the Star Wars movies where characters were quaffing healing potions after soaking up a barrage of blaster fire.

    I honestly don’t see why Bioware didn’t just make a fantasy MMO instead of a sci-fi one, it seems they so badly wanted to. Is it just because all the hot fantasy licenses were already taken?

    • The oddity for me is the long stim buffs because I just don’t see that they bring any interesting game mechanics. Either they’re useful in which case everyone wants them all of the time, or else they’re not and can be ignored. While healing potions and adrenals can be used as extra combat cooldowns, I just don’t ‘get’ the long buffs. There isn’t even an especially interesting decision around which one to use. All they do is create a market for biochem.

      But as ZP says, they were used in KOTOR. And it wouldn’t really be out of place in a scifi game for people to be injecting stimpacs or quickheals or kolto fluid.

    • I think one can make a case for performance enhancing substances being present in Star Wars before it had computer games. The Mos Eisley cantina is clearly selling more than just beer, Han Solo is a smuggler who admits to smuggling “spice” – a term borrowed straight from Dune where it was an extreme performance enhancing drug.

      Considering that the only thing inhibiting widespread use of drugs in the military in the real world is bad PR and employment legislation and soldiers and pilots still take them anyway is it unrealistic to imagine freelance adventurers bounty hunters and mercenaries looking for a chemical edge?

  2. You got medpacs, stims and adrenals in both KOTOR games so that’s why we see them here I’m guessing. As there was no holy trinity in KOTOR some of the systems for the MMO have naturally changed but at it’s core TOR is an extension of those two single player games. There are just more stories to explore and you get to enjoy some of it with friends.

  3. I was thinking of leveling my Biochem Sorc alt by making green stims and medpacs and just skipping the blue and purple stuff until high level. Do you think that’s viable or is it better to get the reusable ones? Seems to me I’d be outleveling it before I really used it much.

    • Totally viable, but I do like having purple stims and med units available, particularly when content starts getting more difficult – you can buy those off the AH though rather than having to discover them yourself.

  4. Ah, handy; from having a bit of a completionist streak on the first few planets, plus a bit of space and PvP XP, I’d been a few levels over most of the quests I was running, but I’ve focused in on the story recently and had a spot of difficulty with a couple of same/higher level elites on Tatooine. My companion had some really low level gear, which probably didn’t help, but sounds like I should hit up my friendly local biochem dealer for a bit of a boost too…

    (D’you need any guns for any companions or alts? Maybe we could do a swap…)

  5. Reading through all this made me realize just how much I have neglected this particular aspect of the game. I suppose it is a lingering result of my recent time in WoW where I don’t think I used a non-flask consumable since Burning Crusade. 😛 Which is even more odd since my highest level character in SW:TOR is a biochemist. I do love those reusable medpacs.

  6. If you are a Biochemist, you can use purple stim packs, adrenals, and medpacks which aren’t consumed on use. I’m not sure I would use 15-second adrenals in any other version, they get expensive for such a short effect.

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