Where one 3-way PvP game closes, another opens a window

In which I summarise some of this week’s MMO news in the form of a bad haiku.

Farewell, Dominus.

At least DaoC fans

can look to Elder Scrolls (Online).


But seriously now, how many people would have preferred Bethesda to work on a single player follow up to Skyrim instead? I can’t honestly feel that this is a well thought out idea, but hey, DAoC. 3 factions, open world PvP. Who knows?

ps. anyone recognise the quote in the title?


11 thoughts on “Where one 3-way PvP game closes, another opens a window

  1. It’s made by Zenimax Online, which is a studio they made specifically for MMOs. This does not impact Bethesda as a developer – it’s not the end of the single player series.

  2. Interesting to see Matt Firor’s name linked to this project. DAoC connections are still usually seen as a Good Thing for a new MMO in development, at least as long as they aren’t also WAR connections.

    Will be interesting to see how faithful they can make this to the mechanics of the Elder Scrols series while actually working in a multiplayer environment, or if they totally re-engineer the game systems and the setting is the main point of linkage between the likes of Skyrim and the new game.

  3. I would have preferred an Elder Scrolls game with multiplayer support, but not an MMO. Playing/adventuring with a couple friends would make the game a lot better. As far as making it an MMO, I don’t see it doing well.

  4. I think I would have preferred an Elder Scrolls game that wasn’t so ridiculously bug-ridden that half of it was unplayable on consoles, and the other half was unplayable on PC.

    Sadly, when I saw the announcement for ESO, all I could think of was the possibilities of the fine print: “Bugged quests until patch 1.9.” “Giant holes in terrain where you can get stuck still prevalent. Expect to be resolved in six weeks.” “Client crashes imminent when using the following operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), any Apple OS, and Linux.” “Elder Scrolls Online currently contains a known bug that causes massive memory consumption. Minimum HD size for desired gameplay: 20TB.”

  5. I second Degrin.
    and if indeed an MMO then please add the option for player server hosting and custom server rules, so those really looking to play open world PVE/PVP can do so. A regulated and restricted Tamriel to serve the MMO purpose is no Elder Scrolls experience worth having in my mind.

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