[SWTOR] New world event rumours, LFD, and other patch related chatter

First up, there are rumours flying around the fleets of a new world event. I believe the source of the rumours was from someone datamining the new patch but since the website is down for maintenance at the moment I can’t provide a link for that. What I do know is that people on guild chat last night were guessing it might start today. So not long to wait to find that out, at least.

If true, t would be a welcome addition to a patch that is otherwise strong on functionality but weak on content.

What I’ve been up to

I have been quietly levelling my consular this week, and have rather enjoyed Act 3 of her story. Also the romance is quite sweet; it comes late in the game for female consulars, with Lieutenant Iresso. He actually has a first name, unlike Lieutenant Piece (Sith Warrior companion) which you could take as a sign that he was always going to be more fleshed out, so to speak.

The consular story is curiously impersonal compared to the agent or sith warrior, it’s cool but I never felt a personal link between my character and most of the NPCs. I think that sense of emotional distance, together with a slow Act 1, go a long way towards why it’s considered not to be one of the better stories. I have enjoyed it though, and it does come together neatly at the end. You also get to be quite heroic and have a nice “everyone loves ME!” scene at the end where Satele Shan tells you and your companions that you saved the Republic. It is a cognitive dissonance that no one else seems aware of this; the jump between single player storyline and endgame on this class is very weird for that reason. (The warrior came out top from some secretive Sith infighting and carries on serving the emperor, the agent makes some career choices but basically is still doing his/her thing, but where do you go after saving the Republic exactly?)

I will also miss having the squabbling diplomats on my ship. My other comment on the consular storyline is that there are a lot of tough fights. I don’t remember finding so many of the bosses this tough on alts. They aren’t unfair, the fights are doable if you’re careful and use all your crowd control abilities, but just something to note. There was at least one occasion where I wanted to try using a different companion but of course they weren’t very geared up.

My new guild continue to be a friendly bunch, and are also usually quite busy with flashpoints, warzones, and operations. I am not used to being in this size of a guild (it’s not HUGE but bigger than I’m used to) so trying not to find it intimidating. Since hitting 50, I’ve already been joined by a guildie to do dailies together and invited by someone else to come for a guild hard mode run. I did say that I doubted my gear but they said “don’t worry about it” and we headed off to whomp Taral-V, which I’m assured is the easiest hard mode on Republic side. So they’re all quite keen to help newbies, and I’m hoping to gear up a bit, get to know people and be less carried in future. I’m also toying with signing up for a story mode EV run, as soon as I decide if I want to play as dps or a healer.

I have successfully tried out the new LFD tool. Finding groups for levelling characters can be slow, although I’m told it’s fast for tanks (as you might expect) and the tool can be a bit restrictive as to which flashpoints it allows you to queue for based on level. Still, I healed through a Fallen Emperor run at level 48 that went well. Since hitting 50, I have upgraded some mods in my gear via daily commendations and queued for one hard mode via LFD. It threw us into Maelstrom Prison (one of the other republic-only flashpoints) and the group managed it fine. The tank left in the middle but we were able to requeue for a new tank and someone came in and neatly finished the run.

The other bonus is that I’ve now seen all the flashpoints and have the Republic half of Revan’s story. It is at this point clear that Taral-V/Maelstorm happen before Boarding Party/Foundry. Also Republic don’t get to fight HK-47 before the Fallen Emperor instance (he features in The Foundry), but they do get to kick the shit out of Grand Moff Kilran, which makes up for a lot.

So that’s 2/2 random groups which have been perfectly fine for me. I do find it strange that you can pick multiple roles to queue for, given that there is no dual spec in the game. For levelling flashpoints this is fine, and I’ve tanked plenty of instances in SWTOR on my warrior in dps spec, but I can’t see that working too well for a healer. And while I suppose you could run off and respec between finding a group and porting to the flashpoint, that could be a long delay depending on where you are.

I am also told that LFD may not work well if you have the breadcrumb quest for a flashpoint in your quest log. Daily or weekly quests are fine. I haven’t experienced that personally though.

The other thing of note in the LFD is that after the instance is complete, it doesn’t port you back to where you came from. You will end up outside the instance.

Free credits/ PvP gear for level 50s, and upgraded tutorials

I am not sure if this is new in patch 1.3 or if I had just not noticed it before, but when you hit level 50, you can pick up a quest from the PvP quest terminal on the fleet which will give you a free set of starter PvP gear, some of which is probably also better for PvE than your levelling outfit. If you don’t want this gear, or have some PvP gear already, you can opt for an alternative quest reward which is a token that you can sell to a vendor for the equivalent cost: 320k credits.


This is a screenie of the quest, and of the quest rewards. You can also pick this quest up on an old level 50 if you haven’t taken it yet, so there’s free credits out there for the taking!

The in-game tutorials have also had a reworking, and are now much more graphically appealing. They show screenshots as examples of how to do things, and are context sensitive (eg. the first time a new alt ran through a fire, I got the tutorial about hazardous environments) which they also were before. As a newbie I think I would have liked these. MMOs are so deep that it probably wouldn’t be possible to provide up to date tutorials for everything, but I appreciate the attempt.


This is the tutorial on how to use the group finder, for example.

19 thoughts on “[SWTOR] New world event rumours, LFD, and other patch related chatter

  1. I can see what you mean about the emotional distance in the Jedi Consular story, but I thought it suited my personal image of the slightly aloof Jedi. The Knights are more personable.

    I don’t remember having trouble with any of the JC class fights myself, except for dying once to the last boss because I didn’t realise that not interrupting his big cast would result in an insta-kill. I only heard that Attis Station is very unpopular with people who never used their crowd control before. On the other hand some JK boss fights have been kicking my butt left and right, and on my agent the end of Act 1 boss took some time to get right.

    • I remember finding Attis Station tough (I think you get several groups with three silver/tough mobs? so you need to use your own crowd control and then figure out how to take out 2 silvers at the same time), but also Lord Stark wasn’t a pushover and I remember needing several goes at some of the bosses on Voss. I also found the boss you kill just before the final boss fairly hard going.

      It could be that I was using a non-optimal companion, and it probably didn’t help towards the end when I switched to a healing spec (cos I wanted to practice healing flashpoints) and tank companion; I also think it’s a flaw of the levelling game that they can’t somehow keep pace with each others’ gearing so you could experiment more with using different types rather than being pushed towards ‘the one who is geared up.’

      • I actually levelled as healing spec with a tank companion throughout, and I wonder if that didn’t make things easier. As long as any given mob’s damage output didn’t significantly outdo my healing, I could basically take on anything. Only issue was having to make frequent switches between targeting my companion for heals and targeting the enemy for crucial interrupts.

      • You may be better than I am because I sucked at that last boss until I switched to a dps spec (well I switched to run a flashpoint but stayed in that spec) and brought Tharan along, at which point it was easy.

  2. Spinks, I’m curious how you managed to get through levelling a dps warrior without running into trouble. What was your main companion, a tank, dps or healer?

    I’m currently going through as a Jedi Guardian in dps spec and I’m finding a lot of fights really on a knife edge (which is fine, I do enjoy and appreciate the challenge) whenever there’s a single gold/yellow-rimmed (elite?) mob; if there’s adds, I don’t think I can do it in one go. I even switched to gearing up my tank companion (as an aside, whilst I think T7 is relatively well done, I absolutely hate companions that don’t speak in English and have to have their subtitles read; the fact that BioWare leave a massive gap between the communication noises and the response from another character reminds me of the awkward, stilted dialogue from Dragon Age); but, alas, I still don’t get through fights all that well.

    Then again, I do wish the resource mechanic was a clone of rage rather than having it split up into chunks; I find it quite awkward to use, with all of the issues of both rage and a DK’s runes and none of the fluidity of either.

    • I used Quinn (healer) most of the time, but the main thing is that the harder warrior opponents just need you to use interrupts smartly (and stay out of the stuff on the ground). I did experiment a bit on using tank companions too and that worked ok to some extent. But I know the Knight doesn’t get a healer until comparatively later on.

      The other thing that really helped was using the healing potions that heal your companion too.

      • Oh aye, I’ve been bringing out my old raiding skills constantly; interrupting whenever I can, moving out of everything, playing taunt tennis with T7 to spread the damage out and putting my CD up, using the heroic moment to do that over and over again and get the healing etc.

        It’ll be interesting to see how the healer companion changes things, when they come around.

    • Seconded on the difficulty of levelling as a JK! My Guardian is dps as well, and no CC or healing (companion) really makes many fights very hard.

    • It’s worth keeping in mind that, even after a fairly massive difficulty nerf (There was a fight that took an hour because you had to fight three guys who each needed the 20 minute CD), the JK is still the hardest story path, so it kind of gives you a warped view of the difficulty of actually doing stuff.

      • Also, your healer is your second last companion, which screws things a bit for tank levelling.

  3. I just hit level 50 (my first… and I’ve been playing from the headstart!) – with my consular. I do agree the story has a very slow burn – act1 was fine – but there was a serious dissonance between act 1 and 2 – although it seemed to me that act 2 and 3 flowed together well – just very slow burn.

    The payoff of course is the last planet – not just the end scene – but I really felt excited at the last class missions – because your allies were there – helping you stomp out the last child – and really it was nice (even if they really didn’t help directly) to have a sense that all that work you put into helping everyone was returned.

    The end scene was of course… wow.

    I’m still not sure about a guild – and really I feel disconnected now that they had us change servers – I wish there was a guild advertising system like they have in EQ2.

    Of course hitting 50 and finishing the storyline the first thing I did was… go to my next highest alt to work on them – while I love the flashpoints I’m not sure I want to endure the random lfg ‘you suck go home’ experience – and without a guild I figure I’ll work on an alt for now.

    As to the toughness of the fights – The consular out of all my characters so far seems to be the hardest to fight with, and crowd control is a must for almost any fight she gets into. I had a much easier time of it when I geared up the second ally and set him on heal mode.

    • Given how important finding a guild that is a good fit can be for players, I have never understood why MMOs don’t put more effort into putting up a good guild finder!

  4. There is definitely a new event coming 🙂 Did data mining myself, but I had to stop reading so i wouldn’t spoil anything. When is the question.

  5. What sort of size is your new guild? Large as in WoW-sized, or large as in Age of Conan sized? The AoC guilds I’ve seen around are positively huge with what seems to be several hundred members minimum, whereas that’s the absolute max size of a WoW guild.

  6. Consular was my first character at launch, and I recently rerolled on another server and did the Consular again. I levelled as a Shadow tank spec using Tharan most of the time, so there was really very little that I struggled with. In fact, it was usually easy enough (although slow) to solo all the 2+ and some of the 4 heroics. It would have been nice to have a group finder available at the time, but the companion system works well for levelling tank.

    The story was slow, at least during Act 1. Aside from all the previously made comments, I wonder if having Qyzen as the first companion (and the long gap until Tharan) didn’t slow it down further. I find it harder to ‘get into’ a non-English speaking companion, because you don’t get a feel for their emotional tone with all the subtitle reading.

    Having said that, I enjoyed Act 2 and loved Act 3. The final scene was a huge emotional payoff, though I was actually pleased to get all those freeloaders off my ship at the end.

    It’s nice that the femConsular romance is sweet, because the broConsular romance (with Nadia) is the creepiest thing ever. She’s a child, she’s your padawan, she has daddy issues, and just no. No, no, no.

    • Interestingly, only one of the male force using characters (Inquisitor) has a romance with someone who isn’t his padawan. Maybe that’s a bit overused — I could see it for Kira, and for the Warrior (because he’s not going to care about abuse of power) but you’d think the Consular would be a bit more … sensible.

      Inquis/Consular is probably a tricky class to balance solo instances for. It doesn’t help when enemies appear right in front of you with no setup time, which sucks for a stealther or ranged class.

  7. Something did bug in SWTOR was the awkward parts where game and story meet. The transition between the JK ending and the rest of the game, is possibly more awkward than the Consular one. And the first couple of acts of the Smuggler story involve chasing down a vast, vast fortune. Which you get to keep and have and which turns out to be 900 credits.

  8. Great to read that they updated the game. Maybe iam going to take a look back into SWtor since its going to be Free2Play very soon anyway. Hopefully they brought new content inside this Game, because thats what made me to decide to quit SWtor.

    Thanks for this Article.

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