20 thoughts on “WoW and GW2: Two great tastes that taste great together?

  1. Not buying GW2, just no interest at all. Still loving SWTOR, have upgraded to MoP, and playing a little LOTRO on the side.

    Nothing against GW2; just can’t see any long-term future in it. Reminds me of D3: initial rush, then will fade into the background. But will enjoy hearing about the experiences of those who do stay with it!

  2. Only buying gw2 and after the initial week of hitting it hard will probably tone down my gameplay. Giving mop a miss, WoW is no longer a game I enjoy and the latest expansion seems geared towards the younger generation of gamers.

    So yeah prob just play they hell out of gw 2 and perhaps pick up dayZ once it is a stand alone game.

    • Funny. I am returning to wow after Cataclysm is over, since the game finally seems to be over pandering to kiddies – at least imo. The setting is more gloomy, the story is more intriguing and has more than a “big dragon is evul” plot to it.
      Plus with things like pet battles and scenarios, us parents get to be a part of an mmo without the great big time-investment needed for raids.

      It is my experience, that what younger gamers want, are time consuming games. The whole farming for gear, and unlocking dungeons – like I did in vanilla, was something I had time for when I was studying in uni. Not any longer.

      • dwism: I agree with you. And I am increasingly feeling that MoP might be very good indeed for its target audience, which is more casual gamers. And quite probably that will include older gamers and people with other commitments (such as GW2, lol 🙂 ).

  3. Good topic, it made me think about this after I’d already paid for both games!!

    For me, GW2 is for multi character PVP, because the Isle of Mists and the system of getting a max level char for pvp with all the abilities is just fantastic.

    I’ll level one character in PVE just to see the very pretty world, still not sure which class After some time pvping with them all, this will help me make up my mind. Usually this is a decision that leads to me making new characters after some time levelling!

    They need to make sure the servers transfer groups about without the drop outs I was having in beta right up to last night.

    WoW will be main only, despite several alts, so this means a major cull. It also means my sub may not be constant, it’s going down to monthly in October. Blizzard have a stay of execution, till possibly the end of the year.

    I’ve promoted my Druid to main, after loving the beta changes and because of the flexibility of the class. I will play on for the PVE dungeons (Blizzard are the best at this at the moment, so score 1 to them!) and levelling to 90.

    Pet battles are an unknown quantity to me at the moment, I might love ’em, might not want to bother. I’ve not tried them yet.

    As a major alt player that’s where the time will be saved, however if the dungeons in GW2 in the later stages are as fun as Blizzards, then my WoW sub may be dropped before the end of the year.

  4. Already pre-purchased GW2, and not planning on a return to WoW any time soon so no point paying for Pandaria. However, I can see the combo being useful for people in the “only log in to WoW to raid” category – they can get their progression fix in WoW and then spend the time in between raids playing some relatively stress-free GW2.

  5. My time will be divided thusly:

    – TSW for when I just want to have my mind bent.
    – TSW again for when I just want to play barbie dress-up.
    – GW2 for when I just want to go kill stuff.
    – CK2 for when I just want to go build stuff.

    There will be a hiatus on GW2 for some variable period after Torchlight II comes out, and it pre-empts the ‘go kill stuff’ slot.

    I need a replacement for ‘build stuff’ slot as I’m just too lacking in skill at Crusader Kings 2 to get very far in the ‘building’ part of building dynasties.

    I’ve never been particularly into WoW, and since insane modern WoW-style warp-speed leveling burns me out in short order, I won’t be picking up MoP any time soon.

  6. Purchased both of them. GW2 looks like it might be a good ‘blow off some steam’ game – what I’d hoped D3 would be. It also, from a few hours of playing, looks like a gorgeous world. The Asura are what Gnomes should have been, even though I hate small races this seems to be a first-rate job.

    WoW is where my very small F&F guild lives, so I’ll be there for much of my gaming time. I am curious to see how the talent system plays, it is at least an acknowledgement that the old talent systems offered no more that the illusion of choice. I also want to see how the Scenarios play and if they are subject to the idiocy of LFD.

  7. Not returning to WoW after 4 or 5 years of it. Bought and played SW:TOR for 2 months. Bought and Played TSW for 2 months. Hoping GW2 gives me that new world feeling Durotar gave me back in the day… we’ll see?

  8. Not interested in GW2 at the time. Mists is going to wait, because my main for Mists will be a Rogue I’m starting from scratch, and getting to L85 will be a while if I’m going to level via BGs. TOR and WoW’s BGs have been keeping me busy with AoC and LOTRO on the side. (Well, Civ IV too, but that doesn’t count.)

  9. I have already bought GW2, and will definitely be picking up MoP. I’ll be full on GW2 the first month, and then after MoP actually launches (not the patch), I’ll be creating an NE Monk, levelling her, while taking my main into the new level 85 zones.

    It is interesting to note that this will be the first WoW expansion I won’t be dropping everything I’m doing to play nothing but it.

    Too.. much.. good.. stuff!

  10. This has been a SUCH a heavy heavy spending summer for games.
    After looking at what I’ve spent on LOTRO since it went Free2Play(ButOhDoWeHaveSomeGreatSubscriberPerks!), My GF and I bought lifetime for TSW, and expect to get the value out over the next 2-3 years.
    This week we picked up two copies of GW2.
    Add two copies of Saints Row The Third…and I think we’re fixed for games.

    MoP would have interested me, oh, 3.5 years ago.

  11. Neither for me at this point in time. I enjoy TSW, I play a bit EVE on the side, and I feel the itch to pick up one of the games I have on the back burner at the moment (probably LotRO).

    GW2 just has too much hype. I’ll wait until the most distasteful of the crowd moved on. MoP hasn’t been able to lure me back so far, I might pick it up on a bargain. Besides, funny enough, I’ll be on vacation for most of the big release dates. So I’m in no rush anyway.

  12. I’m getting both and I’ll be managing my play time casually.

    In WoW, I have friends, a raiding guild, plus all my alts to keep me busy there. I’ll be leveling pandas and monks to see how they feel.

    I have high expectations that GW2 will scratch my explorer itch for a good long while. Should be fun.

  13. I have GW2 pre-purchased so I’ll be into that this weekend.

    MoP, I’m certain I’ll buy it. It’s actually been nearly a year and a half since I last played WoW, by far the longest gap since release. But their contest is always so damn fun. This might well be the first expansion I don’t pick up at release, though. I might grab it when GW2’s new car lustre has worn off, and play through the new content. I don’t know that I’m likely to stay subscribed for a terribly long time though.

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  15. I am skipping GW2 for now. I will be playing TSW and WoW side-by-side. I still love TSW’s story approach and mission design, but noticed I can only play it in smaller bursts now. In WoW I have had the sudden urge to make a lot of gold, so I can buy ALL THE MOUNTS. Quite strange. I am not super-excited about MoP, but we’ll see.

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