[WoW] It came from the PUG, and how the love of bling unites communities


This is just a picture of Spinks standing around in a pub, but the detail on the interior furnishings in MoP is lovely. I think this is a Mah Jong set?

And so, with another WoW expansion, there is another rush of players into heroic PUGs so as to gear up their new level 90 characters. The instances on the whole are shortish and emphasise the boss fights, with minimal trash mobs between bosses. (Honorable exception: Shado-Pan Monastery, which does seem to have a fair amount of ‘trash’.) It does make for a different and more ‘theme park’ style of instance. But I am finding them quite fun and enjoying where Blizzard experiment with different types of mechanics, such as in the Siege of Niuzao, or the one where dps get fired out of a cannon. I am however now rather tired of Stormstout Brewery which I have been dutifully running once per day and still never seen the dps trinket drop from the last boss.

I haven’t tried any challenge modes yet, I hear they’re pretty tough and look forwards to getting round to it at some point.

I was also hoping by now to have some good anecdotes to share on “It came from the PUG.” Actually people have mostly been pleasant (or at least quiet) and reasonably well behaved, and willing to briefly explain boss fights if other players don’t know them. But there are a couple I’d pick out.

One was an instance of Stormstout where the first thing the Death Knight tank said to me when I zoned in at the start was “Are you going to roll on the dps trinket off last boss?” I said, “Yes,” and he left. This was in the morning, about 30 mins before the daily instance lock reset.

Since I’ve never actually seen it drop, I have no idea if tanks are able to roll need on the trinket. I’d guess that they can, because I could roll need on tanking gear if I wanted, and did get into an argument on one run where I rolled need on a one handed sword without tank stats because I thought it would be handy if I wanted to switch to dual wielding 1 handers.

So this is a player who would rather sit out altogether than take a 50% chance of winning an item if it dropped (which of course it didn’t Winking smile ), with the knowledge he could try again in 30 mins anyway. A lot of people apparently cannot handle the idea of a shared roll. I refuse to feel guilty about turning up to an instance with the intent of rolling for an item which is best in slot for me. I don’t personally feel strongly about people rolling need for off spec items, although the longer I go trying to get this trinket, the more pissy I am likely to be it does drop and I don’t win. I do wish there was a roll priority for ‘off-spec need’ which would take priority if and only if no one with main spec priority rolled need. i.e..  from top to bottom priority –> main spec need, off spec need, greed/disenchant, pass. Because I’d rather see an item go to someone who will use for offspec than sold to a vendor.

A more heartening PUG story was in a Shado-Pan PUG, where the group had wiped a couple of times on the last boss. One of the dps was going ballistic on a hapless warlock who hadn’t been focussing on the adds, and by going ballistic I mean serious anger management issues. The tank was a very placid player who told him/her to settle down and shut up, explained the fight patiently to the warlock and made sure they understood, and then we aced the fight. It’s not a very exciting anecdote, I admit, except to say that there are plenty of decent, mature players out there and it’s probably a good sign if your tank picks “the Patient” as his/her title of choice.

Bling bling, emergent behaviour


The Blingtron 4000 is an item that an engineer can make, which doles out free gifts to everyone who clicks on it. It is quite expensive to make, requiring 4 Spirits of Harmony, Living Steel, Trillium, Blue quality gems, etc. So why would any crafter spend all those materials on something whose only purpose is to give free stuff to other random players? The only answer must be because it’s fun. But when you’ve spent that much effort making an item, you want people to notice, and to get some use out of it.

I noticed when one of my guildies set off a Blingtron, she announced in general chat where it was and most of the players in the zone turned up for their free gifts. (OK, a couple of them also got on their largest mounts and sat on top of the Blingtron to annoy everyone else, but they got reported.) The screenshot above was actually taken from an alt on a different server and faction. You can see again that he’s  put it in an accessible location and is announcing to everyone in range (this was in Stormwind) that they can come and get some freebies.

I find that kind of cool as emergent behaviour. It does bring players together, the engineer hopefully gets some social status and people might remember their name with good associations, and it’s quite fun to turn up and get a free random present from someone you might not even know.

12 thoughts on “[WoW] It came from the PUG, and how the love of bling unites communities

  1. A couple of events stuck in my head over hte last few days. I’m a healing monk, started heroics 2 days ago.

    A tank in Scarlet Monastery commented I was the first monk he’d seen that didn’t suck at healing.

    A rogue in a scenario told me to gtfo, healers just slow everything down in scenarios.

    During a Siege of Niuzao Temple run I won an offspec weapon off second boss. I commented that I was 6 dps drops and 0 healing drops. Next boss I won the caster trinket, group was vocal cheering.

    I’ve had several groups where the tank drops after the first boss in Siege. I guess they only come for those legs.

    Finally I definately agree there should be an offspec need. I never need offspec unless there’s no other class that can use an item I’m interested in. Asking is usually futile with mute group and that’s if there’s time. It’s not uncommon for tanks to run ahead to the next pull ready or not.

  2. Hmmm…. I wonder whether the ability to roll on an item is based on selected role or spec. If it’s the former, that tank was out of luck anyway. If it was the latter, I could see that tank switching specs just to roll on the trinket, tanking-in-a-DPS-spec be damned.

  3. On the flip side with the Blingtron….some asshole put their blingtron in the farmville area…..you could see it from a distance, but as soon as you got close, it phased. They put it right at the edge of the phased area.

  4. If your class can use an item, then you can roll need on it, regardless of current spec. According to Blizzard, this is working as intended. I don’t have a blue post offhand, but its been mentioned a few times by Bashiok et al.

  5. I suspect that the patience with explaining things will be short-lived. I’ve noticed that people tend to be more patient in the beginning, but once things are considered “farm mode” you’ll see less patience for someone who doesn’t already know all the optimal ways of dealing with things.

    At least, if history is any indication.

    Still, it’s nice to hear that there are still some decent people out there in PUGs. 🙂

  6. “So this is a player who would rather sit out altogether than take a 50% chance of winning an item if it dropped (which of course it didn’t ), with the knowledge he could try again in 30 mins anyway. A lot of people apparently cannot handle the idea of a shared roll. ”

    It’s also entirely possible he didn’t want to be a douche and roll on a trinket someone’s main spec needed when he was there as a tank.

    • I can see why that’s frustrating, but I don’t know that I feel obliged to do anything more than say ‘OK, that could be a dps weapon, it doesn’t have tank stats and I can use it, it’s fair game.’

      • Well, current paladin tank gearing means that anything without crit is tank item, and the less dodge/parry, the better! So it’s certainly fair to need on “dual-role” gear – it’s just that a lot more gear is dual-role then people are used to expect, and “strictly tank items” might be actually unwanted by tanks.

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