Mark Jacobs to kickstart Camelot Unchained


Well, that’s a turnup for the books. Read the press release here. I’m sure there will be a press blitz shortly.

The core concept for the new MMORPG focuses tightly on three key elements, RvR, housing and a true player-owned economy.

“We believe there’s a small yet viable audience of fans who are very keen to play this type of MMORPG,” stated Mark Jacobs. “However, tightly focused niche games don’t necessarily hold great appeal for traditional publishers who are looking toward the mass market. We see Kickstarter as the best way to reach out directly to the people who will actually play our game for help in funding its creation.”

Also, no one is counting but that means at least one of my annual predictions for 2013 is actually going to be true! Win.

5 thoughts on “Mark Jacobs to kickstart Camelot Unchained

  1. I’m going to have to remain sceptical until I see the finished project, but surely they could have more to demonstrate and get sufficient private investment without having to resort to Kickstarter. There is much more competition in the PvP-focused MMOs these days (even MOBAs didn’t exist back then), so they are mostly trading on the name and nostalgia to get themselves noticed, which is always a fickle thing to try and predict, not going to be surprised if they miss their lofty funding goals.

  2. I’m afraid this confirms some of my worst suspicions about Kickstarter – that it may be a mechanism for has-been developers to collect beer money from nosttalgic fans.

    Also even if hardcore pvp is a viable niche isn’t there now quite a lot for it – Eve, Darkfall, Mortal Online, Wizardry Online? Is the world yearning for another hardcore pvp mmo?

    • My read is that this isn’t a hardcore pvp mmo, it’s a rvr mmo. There’s a difference. Hardcore pvp tends to translate as “psychopath’s playground” where the asshats who hang around starting areas chain-ganking newbies for teh lulz end up driving other players away. RvR puts the players in a team and gives them a side they’re fighting for. The only real players in that market at the moment are GW2’s WvW, Planetside 2 and DAoC (for the diehard loyalists). I’d say there’s a spot for a quality new entrant in that niche.

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