The great Diablo 3 economy meltdown

Funnily enough, I’d been getting back into Diablo 3 recently so I was aware of the new patch that hit this week. One of the new features was that Blizzard raised the limit for maximum gold sold on the auction house from 1m to 10m gold.

And then … some players discovered a buffer overflow due to these changes that led to some easily replicated gold dupe mechanics. Very soon after this, some accounts amassed ridiculously huge amounts of gold, even by D3 standards. Blizzard disabled the US AH last night and deployed a hotfix earlier today.

But they’re reluctant to roll back the servers. Presumably lots of players returned to try out the new patch and Blizzard are aware of the effect of taking away any cool RNG drops that they picked up while playing on player morale. Instead they’re trying to identify offending accounts and doing selective bans.

It’s probably too late though, once that amount of gold flooded into the AH economy, legitimate players started selling drops/ gems for hugely inflated prices so the money has been distributed.

Here’s the lowdown from reddit, and the Blizzard official response.

It’s at times like these that it pays to be on EU servers that update after the US ones, our patch had the hotfix included.

2 thoughts on “The great Diablo 3 economy meltdown

  1. I’ve often wondered, given how common economy shattering currency/item exploits are, why developers never seem to code in the ability to preform discrete rollbacks that only affect certain systems, like say, currency or specific items.

    It seems like it would be a valuable power to have.

    Hell, I’m sure glad all the backup software I have to deal with in my job lets me only restore discrete files and directories. If I had to restore an entire disc just to get one accidentally deleted e-mail back I’d go looking for someplace else to work.

  2. Hillarious bug. I am very curious as to how they will remove the distributed gold from the regular AH that has already changed hands. People are sitting on billions upon billions of duped gold without having duped a thing. Even Zimbabwe inflation has nothing on this.

    Going to get some popcorn!

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