Addendum to Tropes vs Women: some games not mentioned

I note in passing that two series of games specifically were not mentioned in the Tropes vs Women video I discussed yesterday.

– Call of Duty

– FIFA (also Madden, et al)

While she wasn’t aiming for an exhaustive summary I think it’s worth noting that the two most popular, best selling franchises of recent times don’t actually ping the anti woman radar. I’m sure they are also aimed at the same audience and tend not to attract female players (although sports games might surprise us if we had the actual figures, I was always a sucker for Football Manager frex), but they’re not seen as problematic in the same way.

This isn’t to say that all is fine and well in the world of gaming, but it simply isn’t true that games need to include semi naked chicks or horrible things happening to female love interests to sell well.

8 thoughts on “Addendum to Tropes vs Women: some games not mentioned

  1. That was my thought too. I don’t recall women being in either of those games. FIFA is showing a men’s league, so it’s no surprise. CoD on the other hand… what does that say? That Infinity Ward and Treyarch see war as men-only? Or that perhaps it’s too distasteful for there to be female avatars in online multiplayer? Either way, it’s exclusionary. That said, it’s probably the lesser of two evils. Knowing that series, I find it hard to believe that the developers wouldn’t botch any effort at including women. It’s very much a boys’ club kind of game from development, to marketing, to delivery.

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  3. Avoiding controversy by excising controversial elements isn’t a particularly good feather to proudly place in your hat. “Our game doesn’t objectify women!” sounds less good when it can be followed with “because our game contains no women!”

    • True, although that is another issue. But still there are plenty of good games that feature no people, never mind no women. I’m just thinking around the idea that “we have to put these naked women in or else it won’t sell” or “we have to have something hideous happen to the hero’s gf”, and thinking that actually for most gamers it’s about the game first.

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