Thought of the Day: How do YOU pronounce 0x10c?

So Notch (best known for designing and writing Minecraft) has released some information about the next game he plans to create. It’s to be a sandbox space exploration/ trading/  coding game called 0x10^c. I would normally pronounce this “hex sixteen c” except I’m not really sure what the c stands for.

I never thought the day would come when I’d be geeking out this badly for the chance to virtually program a 16-bit CPU inside a game. And you actually get to program it in its own assembler (*geek heaven*). I actually once had a job where they paid me to write production assembler, and I thought those skills would never be useful again! But now, clearly, it was all worthwhile! He’s even put in op codes for multiply and divide, the big wuss. (Real coders do it all with bit shifts.)

Read the design document for the virtual CPU in 0x10c and weep Smile  And then, in a modern world where kids don’t really get taught to program in schools, imagine the potential of a setting where being able to code a simulated CPU is presented as part of a PvP game.

And how would you pronounce the game’s name?