25 man raiding – End of an Era

Last night was our last scheduled 25 man raid. Various factors have taken their toll on the raid group including (but not limited to):

  • People getting bored of Cataclysm
  • People preferring their 10 man groups to the 25 man raid
  • Difficulties in recruiting – does anyone really want to run 25 mans any more? Or is it just a general lack of interest in raiding?
  • People being inundated by work/ off to travel round the world

The end result is that it’s already a struggle to set the weekly raids up, and it’s been agreed that 25 man raiding isn’t really viable for us any more. It was a sad time, the end of an era for a raid group that got together during TBC and went on to get our Kingslayer titles together (more of a high point than any of us guessed at the time, perhaps).

And it feels strange also because we hadn’t really been blocked on progression, which is the usual reason people fail to keep signing.

I think it was the right decision but it makes me feel strangely sad. Once these 25 man raids are gone, they won’t come back. All that may happen is the occasionally 25 man PUG in old content once the new tier of raids has been patched in, but it isn’t the same thing. A lot of people had predicted the death of 25 man raiding – it has come true for us.