Best patch change ever

Why did none of the americans tell me about this? They had the patch yesterday!

Convention at the Legerdemain now only needs 4 chilled meat.

This bears a bit of explanation. There’s a daily cooking quest that you can pick up in WoW if your cooking skill is high enough. It is randomly chosen from four different cooking quests and for each one you have to make or collect some stuff and deliver it to someone in Dalaran.

But not all cooking quests are equal. One of them required vast amounts more raw material than the others, for the same reward. And guess which one our server/faction seemed to get at least three times as often as any others? Yup, it was the convention.

People used to log on, whisper nervously, “Is it convention today?” and then log off weeping when the guild channel erupted in crazed giggles.

But now we can move on with our in game lives secure in the knowledge that the convention may go on, but it’s had to face up to the credit crunch.

(And just for the record, the best place we found to farm chilled meat was by killing seals off the south coast of Howling Fjord.)